Chat room for us over 35

  1. Got an idea.... On yahoo, you can make your own chat rooms (private). We could call ourselves SNOT! (Student Nurses Over Thirty-five!) Funny huh? And there's probably plenty of mucus we will see in our nursing years right? Just an idea, lemme know what ya'll think. Heather :roll
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  3. by   goinnuts
    Sounds great to me!! Snot is ggod, and I have one for the spouses
    SONS of ??
    Spouses of Nursing Students
  4. by   GPatty
    I tried this once, and may very well have been doing it wrong. If you can get it to stay on Yahoo...let me know. I'll be in!
  5. by   zacarias

    I like the idea of the chat room but lol what about us 20 somethings? I mean, we student nurses need to stick together and segregating chat rooms by age doesn't agree with me. Granted I am not married or have kids, but I still know the rigors of nursing school ITSELF. Of course if you did make up the 35+ chat room, you wouldn't lock me out would you? hehe

  6. by   Mkue
    Z, I dont' think you would be locked out. I have some really neat 20 somethings in my classes and I learn a lot from them.

  7. by   Dublin37
    No one would be locked out of course! Anyone could hang. I'll work on it and let you know over the weekend. Heather
  8. by   marieoct62
    I would love to be able to chat with any of you even if you aren't 35 yet. I myself am 39. Heather, get the room started and let us know so we can sign in. Maybe we could have scheduled chat times! Marie
  9. by   Dublin37
    I tried to do it, and I had it, but then I couldn't find it on the menu! So darned frustrating. I think I will email them and ask how. I'll try again! Heather
  10. by   Dublin37
    ok, everyone, yahoo has gotten rid of clubs (which you could make a chat room through) and now they have groups anywho, I set up a group for us. SNOT was already being used, I found that funny, so I set up a group SNOTF (student nurses over thirty-five) Within the group we will be able to chat any 'ole time. If you're not part of yahoo, I think you have to sign up. Anyway, it said it takes 48 hours before we can use it, so we'll have to give it a try Saturday, March 2. How about 9am Pacific time? Let's give it a try guys and gals!:roll Heather Geeps, I almost forgot the address! :imbar phew!
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  11. by   Mkue
    I have a class on Saturday maybe I can catch it some other time

  12. by   GPatty
    I work from 6p-6a on Friday and Saturday nights, but hopefully I can make it on another time to chat!
  13. by   RN2Bee
    :chuckle That sounds like fun. I have a class Sat morn. But will join in at another time. Thanx for the opportunity to chat with everyone
  14. by   opalmRN
    I'd also be interested but have class Sat mornings.
    I'll try to catch you sometime though.