Catheterization Assessment, am I forgetting something?

  1. SO tomorrow I go in for my skills checkoff on caths...and my instructor is one of those who wants you to assess ALL possibilities, which I love. I just feel like I'm forgetting goes

    Check the order, gather supplies, walk in wash hands introduce self to client as so forth. Explain what your going to be doing.

    Assess clients overall condition (mental status, ablility to cooperate, does the client understand what your going to be doing, is the client in any pain, does the client have any wounds near their meatus that could be potential for infection/contamination, can client tolerate supine position, assess for when client last voided, ate, last catherization) then of course set up your sterile field and get on with the procedure. I just feel like I'm leaving something out..
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  3. by   jmgrn65
    If a male patient might want to find out if he has had any prostrate problems or surgeries.
  4. by   srg4784
    Thank, I hadn't even thought of that...... might would make it harder for the catheter tubing to go into the bladder
  5. by   neneRN
    ALWAYS ask if they have a betadine/iodine allergy!
  6. by   srg4784
    Quote from neneRN
    ALWAYS ask if they have a betadine/iodine allergy!

    GOOD ONE!!! Thanks, my instructor goes crazy for allergy assessments
  7. by   natsfanrn
    Don't forget the all-important checking of the patient's nameband before doing anything!
  8. by   locolorenzo22
    Don't forget EVERY aspect of a sterile field. Make sure you check integrety of balloon before inserting! Don't touch anything in kit without your gloves on. etc. etc.
  9. by   Achoo!
    Make sure to state that you would perform good peri care before beginning if it hasn't already been done. Provide privacy, and yes, check the ID band.
  10. by   srg4784
    Thanks everyone, I'm home and all done and passed yay!!!