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  1. hello everyone does anyone know how to look up free good care plans im in school and need the help thanks
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  3. by   Tweety
    Hi. I moved your question out of that thread to the student nursing forum.

    Check out this thread:
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    the only free care plans you are going to find on the internet are ones that are posted by some nursing schools. they are to be viewed as examples only. to copy and use them as your own would be libelous. there are a number of professional companies that write care plans, but you have to pay to get online access to them and you have to give credit to their company if you use them. i am always happy to help students with their care plan writing. all you have to do is post questions. please don't wait until the last minute because i usually only look at posts once a day and i am back in school myself.

    to help you with care plan writing, i recommend you read the posts in these threads: - from rn central's care plan corner. here are care plans for 49 basic nursing problems. also includes a template for a blank form you can print out. each care plan gives you the language needed to write the nursing diagnosis statement, suggestions for outcomes, and nursing interventions for that particular problem. - sample care plan for potential for injury (aspiration) - sample care plan for fluid volume excess - this is a care plan guideline from the nursing department of fairleigh dickinson university with instructions on composing your diagnosis, goals, interventions and evaluations. includes links on suggestions for conducting interviews with patients and gordon's 11 functional patterns. - this is an archives of student nursing care plans at the state university of new york, buffalo. you will need to check out the links to the various care plans to find out what each care plan is about as they are not given in the links. - sample care plan for an ms patient - sample care plan for a patient with copd from the nurses in training web site
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    ISBN-13 978-0-323-03665-8 You could most likely find one for cheep on e-bay or look in your school library. Also check with your instructor most instructors have a large library of nursing books and most will let you take it home or even give it to you! All you have to do is ask. GOOD LUCK!!
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    I could not help but give you an EXAMPLE. This is really just an example and it came out of the book I mentioned.

    It is my care plan for myself: Here goes

    Nursing diagnosis: Hopelessness r/t prolonged activity restriction creating isolation, long-term stress, perception of demands that overwhelm personal resources.

    Outcomes: I will verbalize feelings, Make positive statements
    (e.g., "I can pass nursing school" or "I will study all the material for this exam and be prepared for the next test") ,Sleep appropriate length of time for my age and health needs, Initiate activity.

    Nursing Interventions: Monitor and document the potential for suicide. Assess for signs and symptoms of depression, and use humor as appropriate.

    Teaching:Teach the use of stress-reduction tecniques, relaxation, and imagery. Encourage family to express love, concern, and encouragement and allow to express and verbalize feelings.

  7. by   BeccaznRN
    I used the Ackley and Ladwig book as well for help with my care plans. It's a great resource!