Can Someone give me some feedback

  1. Hello all.........I'm going to start med surge 1 on 1/22/08.........I got a B in fundamentals.........and was told that my B will turn into a med surge 1.........I'm scared to death...........those who took med surge 1 can you please give me some feedback on the subject.
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  3. by   madascanbeRNtobe
    There is no reason for you to decide you are getting a C before the course has started.

    Ask the A students how they studied, and compare it with how you did. Chnage your study habits for next semester and study hard, and theres no reason for you not to get an A or B.

    If you have papers to write for the class, make sure you finish it a day early, and get it edited by two other people.

    For assignments and such, compare answers with a friend when you r done.

    Make sure you do at least a few hours of group study before a test. They might look at the material a different way, and looking at it in different ways will help you grasp the material better.

    Good luck!!
  4. by   Jules A
    I got a B in Fundamentals and a B in MedSurg so don't worry. You'll be fine, just stay on top of your readings!
  5. by   Daytonite
    don't listen to people who probably don't know what they are talking about. school is all about knowing how to study and respond back on tests. these are skills, just like the hands on skills you are learning in nursing school. if you neglect to improve on them your grades will never improve even if you are learning the material. i posted weblinks to sites on how to study. during your break take some free time to read through some of the information on those websites and even think about trying some of the techniques they suggest. not every technique works for everyone--that's why you need to try different ones to see what works successfully for you.
    for med/surg, there are a list of websites that will help you with finding information about the medical diseases and tests that you will need to learn and know as part of your critical thinking and the nursing process posted on this thread:
  6. by   love-d-OR
    Lie! dont listen to those negative people. Study smart and you will be fine.
  7. by   aparsonsmomof3
    I found out when I started taking the science part of the support courses for our nursing program that there are a lot of people that know everything there is to know about everything. You know what else I found out? These people that knew everything actually knew nothing!

    Don't listen to what anyone says. Somoene will always be an expert at BSing. If you have always gotten good grades...just assume that you will continue to get good grades.

    One post had it right...if you really feel that you need some help with this...track down someone who got good grades and ask them about it. Chances are the person that told you that you will get a C has actually always gotten C's and needs to knock down someone who hasn't.

    Not that there is anything wrong with a's passing...I just have always been happier with A's and B's.
  8. by   User123456
    most of the time the people who tell the horror stories are the ones who make them reality and get a bad grade. dont listen to them. work hard and prove them wrong.