Can I Work as a Certified Nursing Assistant or Medical Assistant While in School? - page 4

Imagine you are a nursing student who wants to start accruing healthcare experience now. However, volunteering at a hospital or nursing home might be totally out of the question because you need to... Read More

  1. by   JC828
    Quote from TheCommuter
    Apply to places other than the hospital that demands BSN students. I'm sure there's a nursing home, hospice, home health company, private duty gig, assisted living facility, rehab center, or psychiatric facility that utilizes CNAs and techs.

    People need to remember that the hospital is not the only workplace in town.
    Thank you for your advice!
    Yes I know I can apply to a CNA position at a LTC facility but I want to be an acute care or pediatric RN in future so working as a student nursing assistant/CNA at a hospital really helps me to have some experience.
    Also, LTC facility pays only $10 for CNAs in my area but a hospital pays about $15 or more even for student nurses.... A hospital is more flexible for working shifts of student nurses as well (for example, student nurses at the hospital I applied are required to work minimum one shift a week).

    I will keep applying at hospitals...
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    Should I do a longer BSN program to get experience as a CNA?