Can I really do this?? This is what I wanted so why I am so NERVOUS NOW??

  1. HI all! I have been hiding in the forums for quite some time. I am 35 y/o mother of four who has spent the last year working on prereqs and am now in the last stages of getting into the program. I have maintained good grades, and have taken literally every prereq and even all the other extra classes for my degree that I can take. I Have started my 6 month HEP series, gotten CPR certified, YOU NAME it, I have done it to prepare for the program. I LOVE medical things especially L&D! I work in PBX at a hospital to help me through school. I have a couple of questions. I take my TEAS/NET test (I am applying to two different schools) in July and August. All I have to do is pass the test which I feel extremely confident about. Now that I am so close to my dream, I feel myself extremely nervous, almost like second guessing myself? Like I keep thinking, OMG what if I CANT do this? I mean my LORD I am one of those that used to be terrified of needles as a kid and even as a teen! Will I get over this anxiety and is it normal or am I just weird LOL?? I am SO excited to be this close, but I kinda feel like when you decide to ride this huge roller coaster because everyone says its so fun, and it LOOKS fun, but then when you get on it and it begins to clink clink clink up the track, you begin to think WHAT HAVE I DONE, can I GET OFF NOW?? Of course at the end of the ride, your completely thrilled ) Also, any of you that are already nurses, did any of you get sick or faint when it came time to learn IV's and such? I just want to do good and learn everything I need to learn to be a good nurse!!
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  3. by   JBGC4
    I felt the same way after I got my acceptance letter. I felt sick and scared. How will I pay for it? How will I find time to study, (mother of 2 tods)? Will I be able to clean up vomit- I have a hard time now. But, I have been reminded and reminded again, that YES I CAN! The reason I felt sick and scared is b/c I want it so bad. The scariest part about your dreams is when they come true!
  4. by   avidhunter3
    LOL you would think after having four kids I wouldnt be scared of much, its just a weird place to be in! I think it is just like you said, your dream is coming true and you just cant beleive it!
  5. by   NursingRocks1998
    The above poster is absolutely right. Yes, you can do this!! Good luck!
  6. by   Tinker Bell RN
    Avid Hunter I COMPLETELY understand your thoughts/fears/etc. I feel the exact same way! I got my acceptance letter a few weeks ago and now that it is finally here I am starting to doubt myself. I worked SO hard for this so I deserve it, and I interviewed for my spot so you would think that would show me that I should be here... it does but I still get nervous. You went through all of this with FOUR kids then there's no way you won't do great!! I am 26 and married but no kids and couldn't imagine having to do it with kids. I have great admiration for you!
  7. by   lilbutterfly1
    OMG I am in the exact same situation. i will be starting nursing school this fall but I am extremely nervous. I feel like all of this is not true.... sometimes I feel like giving up because I dont know if I will be able to make it through nursing school. I want this so bad but I am just petrified.... I just feel like I am not smart enough to finish nursing school.
  8. by   NurseKitten
    If y'all weren't scared to death, I'd be worried about you!

    It's scary's gonna purely SUCK sometimes, and you are going to wonder what in the world you've gotten yourself into.


    God bless.
  9. by   J9G2008
    Yep, been there, done that! I was scared from the moment I got my letter last May til about December, when I realized I actually knew some stuff. Take a deep breath, and just do it. Don't worry about how you will do it, just get it done when you need to.

    As for the needles, I don't like getting shots either, but giving injections? Pure fun! It doesn't hurt me at all, and if you do it right, the patient doesn't feel much either.
  10. by   goodstudentnowRN
    Yes! you can do it. I have seen people worst than you and now they are about to graduate. You have to be positive to beat this. When you are accepted in the nursing college, you need to continue to remind yourself how bad you need this and you will do well. When I see my classmates fooling around, I am always saying to myself that they really do not need this as much as I do.
  11. by   JBudd
    The first time I went to give an injection, I sat there and waved the needle around for a while before I could bring myself to stick it in. (In those days we practiced on each other with saline). WHen I finally did, there was this big "that didn't hurt..." and I've never looked back since.

    Nervousness just means you take it seriously, you'll do fine if you really want to.
  12. by   intuition
    I felt the same way, in the beginning, especially once I started the nursing theory classes. I will be graduating in August, and now I am thinking "oh my gosh, I am not ready to be out on my own!" I am scared, but as my boss and clinical instructors have told me, it is good that I have that fear. They said it shows that I realize that I don't know everything and that this is a very serious career. So hang in there, you can and will do it. Just know that what you are feeling is what most feel when they first begin the journey.
  13. by   avidhunter3
    I am so glad that others can identify with me! I feel like such a Ninny sometimes worrying about this and that! My life has taken on this surreal feeling as I went Thursday and sat through the 2 hour orientation for LVN. I officially turned in my application at the end of that night and thought to myself "this truley is the first day of the rest of my life!" Its exciting, terrifying, humbling, and every other emotion you can think of all bundled up in one! As for the needle paranoia, our house supervisor has a been a nurse for 30 years, and she told me yesterday that she STILL hates to get shots, and she even hates to give them as well because she knows it hurts! I tend to worry about things that are in the future, and the closer I get to starting the program, the more I worry! My main fear is what if I can't understand what I am learning? I mean I am an older nursing student at 35, so I am sure my brain cells arent quite as speedy as those fresh out of high school. But hopefully my passion and drive will well surpass those who are just "in it because they have nothing better to do at the moment!"
  14. by   mybrowneyedgirl
    What you're feeling is completely normal. You earned great prereq grades and you'll continue to do well in the main program. I'm around your age with kiddos. I think part of the nervousness is excitement and the other part if feeling like you could let your family down. I work so hard because I dont want to fail my family.

    But the program is great. It's interesting and I don't mind studying. I now work in a hospital as an extern and it's great to see all the book work in action.

    I was very nervous at every new procedure, but now I can insert catheters with my eyes closed. Your fear will ease up over time.

    Good luck and enjoy the ride!