1. I didn't end up getting my nursing 3 class this semester, so I will have to add a semester to my schooling......

    Bummer and more bummer.

    BUT.....I am still taking Abnormal Psych and Exceptional Person, so all is not lost. Those two classes will give me the credits that I need for my Psychology Technical certificate, and will keep me from giving up on school.....

    Ah, life. God must have a really good plan for this semester, to have not given me the class I wanted.

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  3. by   Whisper
    I am sorry to hear you couldn't get the classes you wanted this semester. Perhaps you can use your extra time to prepare for your classes or as a head start on next semester?

    I hope it turns out okay.

  4. by   MRed94
    Nursing 3, and 4 are the clinical classes I need to graduate. I have finished with all of my other classes.

    I was really looking forward to getting this over with. I didn't really want to spend any more time in this than I had to.

    I am just really, really tired of school............

  5. by   GPatty
    I'm sorry to hear that.
    But... look on the bright side! One semester is better than another year!
    Hang in there~~~ I have faith that you can do it!
  6. by   Mkue
    Sorry to hear that !

    I had abnormal psych, you will love it !!

  7. by   NurseAngie
    Sorry about you not getting the class you want! I can really relate. Was the class already full or something? The school I attend is really having a problem with that in the basic courses, but I'm not sure about nursing classes. I hope something good comes from this for you. Take care!