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how many nursing students have actually been admitted previous to nursing school? I had several admits, and in my first semester at school, I remember thinking, "Care plan?! No one ever came and told... Read More

  1. by   charebec65
    Quote from LoriAlabamaRN
    I've been an inpatient many times...

    1. ..... Stayed overnight at the military hospital where the surgery was performed (my father was a colonel in the Army). Horrible experience, mean, nast nurses. When I was crying from pain after the surgery and couldn't answer the nurse's questions in PACU, she actually snapped "Shut up and listen!!!" I was only twelve.
    And I was under the mistaken impression that military hospitals only behaved that way with military personnel, not their families. We had no problems with tx at military facilities with our kids. My husband however underwent an endoscopy w/o anesthesia except throat spray and a root canal with no novacaine...... (not by his choice). Insane if you ask me...
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    Yikes - I have to have oral surgery on Thursday and I called the office today to see who was ACLS certified and when the last time someone was intubated at the office. I also asked about oxygen, the meds used, reversal agents available, suction availability and how many cases did they do a week?

    Haven't received a call back from them yet!! Hmmm lol
    LOL - You go girl!!!
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    I had 2 surgeries while in school and was amazed at how many times the nurses DIDN'T check my id band before giving me meds. I always made sure that i asked them what I was taking. After the hospital stay I was given a survey and I did tell them about not checking before med adminstration. I never told anyone in the hospital that i was a student at the time.
  4. by   elisabeth
    I've not been admitted to a program yet, but I've been in the hospital a time or two.

    I had leukemia as a teenager, so I had the same nurses when I was admitted. Only certain nurses were able to treat oncology patients.

    My daughter was a C-section baby, so we spent a couple days in the hospital when she was born as well.

    In general, the nurses have been great. One or two needed a lesson in bedside manner. I think I've only told a nurse to get out once. She kept trying to access my VAP and missed several times. I told her to get out and get someone who knows what they're doing. She came back with another nurse, but I wouldn't let her touch me again.

  5. by   SillyLilly
    Just after graduation last may i went to celebrate on a vacation in California. I broke my ankle and required hospitalization. Because i was so used to being in a hospital i felt as at home as you can feel in a hospital. I even disconnected my iv from the tubing to take off my shirt and told the nurse assistant how to work the bed. Ha... unfortunatley because i need to rehab, i have not been in a hospital since.
  6. by   IrishIzCPNP
    I was hospitalized once with preterm labor (real preterm labor not just contractions). I was heavily drugged with Mag Sulfate for 3 weeks (baby born within 12 hours of it being turned off). Anyway at one point one of the connections came out and fell on the floor. There was a nurse in the room...she picked it up and just reconnected me. I couldn't believe what she did. When she left I took it back out, wiped it down with alcohol, reconnected and called my mother (a nurse on the same floor and an NP) and asked her to speak with my midwife. During that stay I also kept track of my I&O for the nurses and maintained the fetal monitor for them. The nurses liked me...I was easy.

    I've also had emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy which resulted in a stay because my BP bottomed out. I have no memory of the hospital stay after surgery but everything pre-op was as good as could be given the situation. The only problem was the MD where I had the u/s to confirm the ectopic was horrible. Tells me it's ectopic and in then almost instantly offers to remove both tubes. Now is not the time to make that decision.

    I've been hospitalized other times as well...I've had 4 kids. 3 of the children were premature with several visits before they were born. The last 1 was term, shocking, but also with several visits. The last one has also had 2 surgeries 1 with 2 procedures. She's had an ng tube which I had to place on her. I now change gtubes regularly. So we have been in and around the hospitals a lot.

    For the most part...good experiences. My mom had been in nursing forever. She's an NP and a CNM after working as an RN forever. We grew up with more medical and nursing information then most as her work day was part of the dinner conversation. My poor brothers know more about vaginas and women's health them most women!