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Ok so a bed bath isnt hard right? Well it is when you get marked off at a skills test for say forgeting to do things in the correct order or forgetting to get something. Our bed bath skills test... Read More

  1. by   SoulShine75
    Quote from RNgrad2008
    I feel your pain.. I have the same skills test next week!

    We have a skills test on washing our hands, and I am freaked out about that.. duh, I know how to wash my hands!! I am leaving my rings at home the day of my skills test, because I know I will forget to say, "removed jewelry" and fail!
    Sigh...I remember that handwashing skill well. :spin: I believe it was my first one. It seems like so long ago even though it's only been a year. I know the stress you're feeling, but practice, practice, practice any skill, even if it is just the handwashing. And believe'll never wash your hands the same way again. Good luck!
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    Hi FNPhopeful.. I have my "demonstration", as my school calls it, to test off in front off my professors this Monday morning.. talk about performance anxiety.. so I feel your pain! Handwashing, gloving, bedbath, and occupied bedmaking.. the lab was open all week for us to come in and practice but I still don't feel prepared.. this weekend is going to be all about studying! I keep telling myself that this is as basic as it is going to get.. so I better get it straight.. but I am very nervous to be "on stage", as it feels like. Just wanted to wish you good luck.. I think we'll be okay!!
    If you feel like you're on stage then become an actress. Now..I know this sounds funny, BUT I would always "rehearse" my skill steps and recite them aloud (minus the drama) like I was an actress in a play. This helped me learn better and eased my nerves when performing in front of your instructor. Take deep breaths always and focus!! Good luck! :spin:
  3. by   Lizzypooh
    For our return dem of bedbaths we actually gave a bb to a partner (in shorts and a t-shirt). And as it turned out, 4 of us went at one time while the teacher just watched us all. That made it a little less stressful. Also it helped to do a little role playing with my partner, made for good conversation, and being confident gave the teacher the impression i knew what i was doing. (even though i completely forgot to wash my "patients" back! oops)
  4. by   moongirl
    good luck, just practice, its not too terrible! My defining moment came right outta the chute, first semester giving a bed bath to an amputee, he lost an arm and a leg, on opposite sides, hard to turn and position, plus he was MRSA so I was gowned up in ALL the gear. I swear I lost 7 lbs in the time it took me to get him and his bed all clean!
  5. by   DorkyStudentNurse
    Oh goodness, I remember that. Like everyone said, practice is the name of the game. Go over the steps again and again using whatever study techniques work for you. I basically just mimed it at home and recited the steps. I got so worked up about it but it turned out to not be too bad at all. There were several groups demonstrating at one time so the focus wasn't always on me (which definitely helped me relax and realize that I KNOW this and it's not a big deal). I was so worried about making my occupied bed because we took turns. I laid on the bed first while my partner made the bed and then we switched. My partner had trouble and took nearly the entire class to make the bed. I was freaking out because that gave me no time to do my demonstration but the instructor and my partner stayed after class so I could do it. Skills demonstrations always stress me out but it always turns out to be not as bad as I thought Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great.
  6. by   JessiekRN
    Just wanted to update this thing.. I had my demonstration this morning.. and I passed! Guess I'm going to have to go to nursing school after all.. Good luck to everyone!!
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    FNPHopeful-- did you have your bed bath check off yet??? if so how did it go???
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    Quote from Jessiek
    Just wanted to update this thing.. I had my demonstration this morning.. and I passed! Guess I'm going to have to go to nursing school after all.. Good luck to everyone!!

    GREAT JOB!!! I had my handwashing/positioning/bedbath check off today....FAILED HANDWASHING ( I wiped dry from dirty to clean once) so I have to re-do it next lab. Then me and my partner struggled so bad with positioning, mostly myself. I know what to do I just get so nervous in front of my instructor.
  10. by   cn2007rn
    The worst part is demostrating the bed bath in class, once you get into the hospital no one will be watching your every move. I am a tech at a hospital and can do a bed bath in under 5 minutes, so it will get better. Once you pass the test you can relax overing bathing.
  11. by   FNPhopeful
    Quote from tookewlandy
    FNPHopeful-- did you have your bed bath check off yet??? if so how did it go???

    No not yet! Tommorrow or Wednesday, I think Im just gonna stop stressing and just do it, (like Nike says LOL)
  12. by   todell80
    I'm so glad it went okay, congrats!! Our instructers set up 6 stations, including bed bath and changing bed linens today, so we could all practice. Our check-off isn't until 9-12, but I'm sure it will go by fast. There are a lot of steps, I'm going to practice, practice, practice!! There are a lot in my class that just rush through the practice time so they can go home faster. Crazy people, I want all the practice I can get!