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I'm 18, just completed my first of four years (BN program). I love cinema and music and just relaxing (although I find myself with less and less time for that lately).

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  1. DorkyStudentNurse

    What is my role in this situation?

    Hi everyone :) I'm in my second year of a four year BN program. I'm doing a rotation in the community at the moment, doing home visits (mostly respite care) to a family with a chronically ill child. I spend at least 6 hours a week for 5 weeks at their home. The child is 10 yrs old and has autism. He also has an older sibling. My instructor was specific in stating that we should maintain a nursing role and NOT a babysitting role. We have not learned about autism yet and I have little to no experience with it. The parents are the experts in this situation. All of the other students that I've spoken to who are doing this program right now are caring for children with total care needs (enteral feedings, hygiene care, etc) and have an easy time maintaining a nursing role. The child that I am caring for is independent in basically every area. Eats independently, toilets himself, and does everything a child of his age would typically do (he just has a bit of a communication gap). I'm just required to keep an eye on him (as you would with any other child). I've made two short visits so far and I just feel really awkward. I find myself slipping more into a casual "babysitter" role because I just can't figure out how to be a "nurse" in this situation where it seems like a nurse really isn't needed very much. It just feels like babysitting in a home where the parents are still there (which makes it awkward because it feels like I spend a lot of time just sitting around). Maybe it's just because I'm new at this (I've never done any home visiting) and I'm probably looking at it in entirely the wrong way. I'm going to be making another visit tonight and my instructor is going to come see how I interact with the family and the child (she's doing this for every student). I'm sort of worried about this because of the reasons above. So to those experienced in home visiting and respite care, how can I assume a more nursing-oriented role in a home like this? Sorry if this seems like an obvious question but it's really been bothering me.
  2. DorkyStudentNurse

    How scary is anatomy class

    It can be a bit intimidating but it's definitely do-able. I was scared to death and I ended up getting an A. The muscles were the worst part for me but I spent an entire day making up flash cards and it helped me out immensely. It takes a lot of studying but if you're willing to put in the time, it will pay off. Good luck!
  3. DorkyStudentNurse

    What's your schedule?

    I'm in my second year. This is my first semester schedule: MONDAY 8:30am-10am: Chronic Health Challenges 10:30am-12pm: Young Families' Health 1pm-2:30pm: Pathophysiology 2:30pm-4pm: Mental Health Challenges TUESDAY Free :) WEDNESDAY 8:30am-10am: Pathophysiology 10:30am-12pm: Chronic Health Challenges 1pm-2:30pm: Mental Health Challenges 2:30pm-4pm: Young Families' Health THURSDAY Clinical Practicum FRIDAY Clinical Practicum Really excited for the L&D clinical :)
  4. DorkyStudentNurse

    Where are you from?

    I'm going to school in Fredericton, NB (four year BN program). I'm not sure whether I'll stay here when I graduate or not. I'd really hate to leave the Maritimes, I love it here :)
  5. DorkyStudentNurse

    Bed bath hell

    Oh goodness, I remember that. Like everyone said, practice is the name of the game. Go over the steps again and again using whatever study techniques work for you. I basically just mimed it at home and recited the steps. I got so worked up about it but it turned out to not be too bad at all. There were several groups demonstrating at one time so the focus wasn't always on me (which definitely helped me relax and realize that I KNOW this and it's not a big deal). I was so worried about making my occupied bed because we took turns. I laid on the bed first while my partner made the bed and then we switched. My partner had trouble and took nearly the entire class to make the bed. I was freaking out because that gave me no time to do my demonstration but the instructor and my partner stayed after class so I could do it. Skills demonstrations always stress me out but it always turns out to be not as bad as I thought :) Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great.
  6. DorkyStudentNurse

    Did you lose weight?

    I gained a bunch of weight in my first year of nursing school. I was so busy and stressed out, I'd just eat what was quickest (usually fast food from on-campus). I also have hypothyroidism, so I'm sure that played a factor. As soon as summer break rolled around, I lost all the weight again (just from not eating junky campus food).
  7. DorkyStudentNurse

    "YOU'RE my Nurse?!?!?"

    I'm glad this thread is around. I'm 18 and going into my second year of a four year program. I'll be a 21 year old RN with a bachelor's degree (assuming everything goes as planned). I've already encountered patients in my clinicals who don't trust my abilities because of my age. I just stay confident in myself and prove to them that I'm just as capable as my older classmates through giving good care. I often get "Um, you've done this before right?" but I try not to let it bother me. I expect it, at least for a few more years. :)
  8. DorkyStudentNurse

    How about your favorite Old Wives Tales related to health?

    I was watching a birth show the other day and as per family beliefs, the mother didn't bathe the baby for a month (I think it was a month?) and instead rubbed olive oil on his body. I forget the rationalization behind it (perhaps because bathing would make the baby sick?) but I had never heard of that before. If anyone on here knows the history of this one, I'd be interested to know! :)
  9. DorkyStudentNurse

    Are you graded on your clinicals?

    Ditto at my school.
  10. DorkyStudentNurse

    Dealing with the loss of fellow nurse

    I'm only a nursing student but I was in a similar situation this year. A good friend and fellow nursing student was killed in a car accident on March 2nd. It hit everyone really hard. We put up a poster with his photo and some cards in our faculty building and had a memorial service on campus. We had a talking circle with grief counselors just to talk about our memories and thoughts about his death. It really brought us closer together as a group to share our emotions like that. Maybe you could all get together to discuss it? I'm really sorry to hear about your loss and I hope you can find peace in whatever you decide to do.
  11. DorkyStudentNurse

    Best and worst Nursing School Experience

    I've only had a year of schooling so far (out of four) so I've only done one clinical rotation and had one pt. But my best moment was when I was done my last shift. My pt was sleeping so I wrote him a little note to say bye (we had sort of a special bond because he knew that I was new and was helping me out immensely). The next week, I got my marked CLAT (Clinical Learning Appraisal Tool, I dunno if everyone uses them) back and my instructor had pinned a little note inside, saying that Mr. X had asked her to give it to me. It was a thank you note for being his nurse :) I was so happy. My worst experience so far was losing a fellow nursing student and friend. He passed away after a car accident and the whole faculty felt it. It was awful. We had the same pt assignment at the hospital (he came on Mondays, I came on Wednesdays) and when I went for my first shift since the accident, my pt was crying because he had heard the news. It took everything in me not to just break down with him
  12. DorkyStudentNurse

    Wearing scrubs home??

    I wear my scrubs home but I strip down as soon as I get in the door and wash them right away. I don't wear my nursing shoes home or wear them anywhere besides the hospital. I was a new nursing student last year and I can attest to the excitement of wearing scrubs and being so proud that you want to show everyone. I've gone into a store before my shift but never after (even though I really wanted to!). The hospital where we are doing our clinical rotations doesn't give us much at all to store our things, which is part of the reason that I wear my scrubs home. It's just a room with a little platform to put your shoes on and a hanger for your coat. No secure locker or place to store extra clothing.
  13. DorkyStudentNurse

    What is engraved on your stethoscope?

    I've just got C.L.D. engraved on mine. Those are my initals. My full name would be waaay too long
  14. DorkyStudentNurse

    Taking a child off life support

    Sounds like the boy's mother is in denial ("I'm very hopeful he'll walk right out of here"). Although I think it's sad to keep this child alive, I also think it's up to the family. It's still fresh grief and the mother is obviously using some defense mechanisms to try to avoid facing the truth. I think she should be allowed to keep her child physically alive as long as she wishes and I think once the truth sets in, she may change her mind. I couldn't imagine being a parent in that situation. Everything in you would want to hold on and hope that the doctor's are wrong. The hospital should not be able to make this decision IMO.
  15. DorkyStudentNurse

    Once a nurse, it is in you!

    You did the best you could, I'm sure he appreciated the kindness and care you gave to him. Sorry to hear that he didn't make it
  16. I'm so excited!! I just got all my final marks for the semester. So for the full year I got: 1 A+ 1 A 7 A-'s 1 Credit Received (for my clinical) My first semester GPA is 3.7 and my second semester GPA is 3.8. I can't even say how happy I am. I'm straight out of high school and they warned us that we should expect a dramatic drop in marks from high school to university so I was really scared to start the year. I've wanted to be a nurse since as far back as I can remember and this past year just assures me that I'm on the right path. Anyone else excited about marks? I just had to tell someone, no one's around right now, lol.