ATI Testing is BS!

  1. Why is it that I can make A's and B's on all of my unit exams but then at the end of the semester I have to take an ATI Fundamentals test on the same material and then I fail? Not to mention the fact that I have to go to a testing center where people are walking around, talking, and slamming doors? Also I have to pass this test or the whole semester is wasted! I only get one more chance to take it. I feel sick. :angryfire
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  3. by   Daytonite
    i believe that ati publishes guidelines books and other study aides to help with getting through their nursing exams. have you checked their website? here's a link to their online store where you can see what products they have available.
  4. by   Nurse_Diane
    Yeah, we're doing the same kind of thing with ATI. We have to have a 60% to pass. If we fail, then we get one more chance to take it. If we get under a 60% the second time then we fail the entire class
  5. by   suznan
    We do the ATI tests here too but all we have to do is get aboved the 5oth percentile. If we don't we take it over but it doesn't make or break the class that we are taking it for. We also do those right at the college. We don't have to go to a testing center to do them.

  6. by   kimberly518
    were about to take the med/surg test on monday. our school just implemented the program this semester. it should be intresting.
  7. by   shock-me-sane
    I hate ATI. It isn't a pass/fail issue with each quarter but it is incorporated into our grade. Points are determined based on our percentile.

    And my favorite thing was last week when the ATI lady came and basically told us that if we didn't like it, it was because we didn't know how to use their materials. nice...
  8. by   Katydidit34
    We get our little books at the beginning of every semester. We take it at the end of the semester and we are also given points based on our percentile scoring. At my school it's 40th percentile. We've been told that if you score in the 40th percentile you have an 88% chance of passing the NCLEX. Do you guys get codes to do the non-proctored exams? That helps to at least get some idea of what the questions are. Every time I take those stupid tests, I come out convinced that I've failed them. They just suck!!
  9. by   Nurse_Diane
    [QUOTEAnd my favorite thing was last week when the ATI lady came and basically told us that if we didn't like it, it was because we didn't know how to use their materials. nice...[/QUOTE]

    Pretty darn impressive... I think those ATI reps are salespeople who have never experienced the NCLEX....
  10. by   Megsd
    I have to take ERI tests (which it sounds like are the same thing, just a different company) under the same rules... we must get above the national average to pass the ERI and if we fail the ERI, we fail our class, regardless of what grade we earned. I passed my first one yesterday (pathophysiology), no clue how because I felt like a moron the whole time, but I have another today and another on Friday. Both today's and Friday's are actually corresponding with the same course (med-surg 1), so I have to pass both of those to pass that one class. I'm honestly more freaked about those tests than my finals!
  11. by   marilynmom
    We have ATI at our school as well and have to pass those above the median average in order to progress in the program. This semester we have to take the Fundamentals, Psych, and Med/Surg ATIs. We had to take the Critical Thinking one near the beginning of the semester.

    I really like the ATI study guides and use them along with my regular books to study. I like how they are broken down in simple form, especially for Psych for all the personality disorders, etc. I think they are supposed to help with preparing us for the NCLEX.
  12. by   ShockerGirl07
    We too take the ATI tests, but with ours, if we dont pass it the first time, we get to take it home and do it and we have to get 90% or better I think, but im pretty sure you can take it as many times as you need - if you take it once at home, its nice because it tells you the correct answer and why, so the second time you can fly through it.
  13. by   BSNtobe2009
    You have that right. I think ATI is a ripoff in the little experience I have had with them.

    Here is the kicker: The ATI tests are not folks that have developed the program at your that is why you can do well in school and screw up the ATI tests.
  14. by   I RN A
    I totally agree with everybody. ATI rep came to my school and made a big presentation about "how ATI helps students to improve NCLEX passing rate". We had to purchase ATI package even before school had started (the first quater), had to pay for this package about $400, and we will be taking ATI tests each quater. This quater we got lucky though: We will get the points just for taking the ATI test, and it is only a diagnostic, which means that we don't have to study for it. Starting next quater it will be different, we will be graded for ATI tests