Are they courses really that hard?/ NJ

  1. I have just completed an Associates Degree in Humanities and I am entering the Nursing program Fall 2004.
    I will only have to take the Math and Science courses;since all other courses are completed. Is it really as hard as everyone's saying??? Will I be able to work full-time ?
    And how are the nursing courses (clinical), what will I be doing?
    How many days and hours?

    My plans are Chemistry-Summer 2003 7/7-8/12
    Fall Algebra 1, Spring Algebra 2
    Fall 2004 A and P, Nursing courses /Spring A and P 2, Nursing courses
    Fall 2005 Microbiology, Nursing courses/Spring Nursing courses-

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  3. by   Jen2
    Chemistry almost killed me. I worked full time while taking my pre-reqs with only minor nervouse breakdowns. Can't help you on the clinical part because I don't start til this fall but I did change my status at work to part-time. If you have a hard time with anything from the beginning, get a tutor, don't wait until the second or third test. Also especially in chem perfect attendance is way important.
  4. by   rnnurse2be
    I think it all depend on your strengths and weaknesses. If you excel at math and science, then you might not have a problem.

    Each school, each teacher/prof is different. Someone might have an easy Chem or A&P class whereas another student's Chem and A&P might be a living NIGHTMARE!

    You wont know until you are in the situation.

    I too am waiting to begin my lower div. nursing classes, and so far my friends who just began said its not terrible, but not easy either. If it was a piece of cake, then everyone would be a nurse and the drop out rate wouldnt be 2/3!
  5. by   AmiK25
    As far as the nursing program, it was not so much hard for me (I will graduate in August with a 4.0 in nursing classes), but it was very time consuming!! Although I did work about 24-32 hours a week while in the nursing program, my husband and I did not have much of a social life. It just seemed like every night there was something that had to be plans, papers, posters, studying, etc....You just have to really stay on top of things and not get behind or miss classes/clinicals or you will really be in trouble. Good luck!
  6. by   kimtab
    Yes they are hard, and very time consuming. I am glad I got my A&P out of the way first, both because I would have had to take it at the same time as Nursing and because it helped a whole heck of a lot to already know that stuff. Try to take A&P before the fall of 2004 if you can.

    You can work, I work part-time but I know some people that work full-time. They are VERY tired, but they manage.
  7. by   michele08540
    Thanks for the advice.
    I will work FT untill it or if it gets too hard for me.
    And I will just keep my goal in focus.

    However, I probably will take your advice (Kimtab) and take A&P along with the math.