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Hello all--- Just curious...... Do y'all have to write your papers in APA format? We do. I have never used this particular format for writing papers, and I have to say that I don't like it.... Read More

  1. by   RNConnieF
    APA is the accepted format for research and "scientific" papers. Since you are writing on a scientific topic it has to be APA. Other than the running head, some of the minor page formats, and the works cited page you are still able to write the body of the paper as you are used to. It it really gives you a hard time try writing the paper in ANY format as long as you get your ideas organized on paper. After the paper is completed edit it into APA format. This is what I used to do to make sure my paper wasn't lost in formatting issues.
  2. by   kittyw
    It's funny, but with Perrla I prefer to write my paper in APA format from the go. I keep my notes from my references on notecards w/ page # & source, so I reference it as soon as it's on the computer screen - I do not want to make an oops and not reference something!!! Don't even want to be acused of plagerism. But, that's just my style. Plus if you use Perrla, once you enter the source info you just click on the source to reference it again.
  3. by   dianacs
    The hardest thing for me is the one space after the period
    You know, I would never have been aware of this if you hadn't mentioned it. I'm glad you did. I am working on a paper right now. That is absolutely the weirdest thing I have ever heard. I can accept having one space after a period if it's in a reference or something, but after a sentence in the body of the paper? No way! But that little tidbit is in the chapter about preparing manuscripts (for publication). The APA book says elsewhere that student papers may be formatted differently, but it depends on the school. Having two spaces after the period at the end of a sentence seems so universal, so basic...gotta run this one by my instructor.
  4. by   kittyw
    Frankly if a prof is docking you for an extra space on a paper, they need to get a life!!! (Plus how in the heck can you prove it's one space or two???)
  5. by   JMinCO
    I am just starting my program in Jan. but I'm currently taking a Phys. ass. class. Forgive my ignorance but, what is APA format?
  6. by   subec

    APA format is a way to write papers. It is the preferred way in several nursing and psychology programs.

    It isn't bad---just different. I'm used to writing in MLA, and to make this change has been somewhat difficult.

    Good luck in your program!!!!