Anyone taking Micro with Nursing? - page 2

I asked this before but got no response so I thought I'd try again. :spin: I have to take micro next semester along with nsg 203. There are about 5 others in my class who have to take this as well,... Read More

  1. by   Scrubz
    About half of my nursing class is taking peds/ob and medical microbiology. I'm looking forward to it. I think they opened this class up just for our new nursing program, so that's even better. I still hope it's tough though. Should be way more fun than fundamentals and AP2 last semester.. boring.
  2. by   roro83
    I am taking micro this spring semester with fundamentals of nursing...........I think I can handle it. I also have a 2 month old and a two year old so I am kind of worried how I will juggle family and school. Hope all goes well......I am in high spirits.....just thrilled that I got into nursing school!!!
  3. by   danh3190
    I'm in a 2 yr diploma RN program.

    Last semester most of us took Microbiology, A&P I, Introduction to Professional Nursing, and Nursing Communications. In general, I don't think there were any terrible problems. Of course we were lucky to have a great Micro teacher.
  4. by   nurse4theplanet
    In my first semester of nursing school, I took Micro w/lab, A&P I w/lab, Pharmacology, and Nursing Fundamentals. It was the hardest semester I have every experienced, yet I did the best that semester than ever before.

    So my advice, it is absolutely doable but you must go in with an attitude that "This is going to be really tough and take a lot of work and dedication, but I can do it!"
  5. by   Shadelyn
    In my diploma program Micro was my first class. Now I am finishing the 100's and Micro is still my best grade yet.

    Micro was fun and interesting. I loved growing cultures and examining stuff with the microscope. Don't dread micro it can be fun and intresting.
  6. by   tsmith9031
    I will be taking Micro in a 8week course over the Summer with Nursing II. I am dreading it because I took half of a semester of it before I had to drop (I dropped due to an illness, I had a B in the class when I dropped) and it was hard at the cc I go to. But you have to do what you have to do so just stay positive and youll get through it.
  7. by   SoulShine75
    Thank you for the advice everyone. I just need to stay positive and try not to get too stressed out...that's my main goal. If I can do that the I think I'll be ok.