Anyone in Little Rock?

  1. I just moved here midway through school...actually all I have left is clinicals and pharmacology..anyone else from this area?
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  3. by   hrjang
    Nice to meet you, det01!
    I live in Cabot, attending at ASU-Beebe.

    I received the Associate of Science in Health Sciences this spring,
    and I am going to go to Harding, majoring in nursing.

    Harding is so expensive as you know.

    I cannot apply to any scholarship with GPA 3.83 because I am an
    international student.

    I received a letter about the ASU Systems Transfer Scholarship
    from ASU-Jonesboro. However, I cannot apply.

    I once visited the Baptist Health Schools of Nursing and Allied
    Health Campus for Career Nights 2002.
    However, I cannot apply to the RN program because I am an
    international student.(I have a student visa, so I have to attend
    a school.)

    Anyway, I will do my best to be a nurse as a christian servant.

    I am looking for people in Arkansas, too.
    Keep in touch.
  4. by   Ortho_RN
    Well I don't live in Little Rock.. I like in Fort Smith.... I go to Univ of Arkansas Fort Smith (used to be Westark)... Fixing to start my last and final semester...

    Good Luck
  5. by   hrjang
    Hi~nurs2b! I read your writing now.

    Thread written by nurs2b

    I am nurvous about starting the nursing school.
    I want to survive there!!!:zzzzz
    Your writing makes me comfort.

    Would you give me some advice about what to do this summer?
    I plan to take a CNA class at Conway.
    Is it good for me?

    I'm glad to meet you!
  6. by   Ortho_RN
    I think being a CNA will be useful to you... You will definately be comfortable doing Vital Signs and taking care of patients....

    I work as a PCA and I have learned so much over just watching the nurses work and what they do... Most of them are great at explaining things...

    You live in Conway??
  7. by   hrjang
    Nice to meet you!
    I have a question to you.
    What program are you in?

    I live in Cabot, Arkansas.
    I'm from South Korea.

    I've been here for 2 years.

    My plan was to finish the Associate of Science in Health Sciences degree at ASU-Beebe and to transfer to BSN program.

    I finished about 55 hours.

    I tried to go to Harding University at Searcy, but it is expensive and requires too much bible classes.

    I need nursing school information.
    I may need to wait one year more.

    Can you introduce your program?
    And other information about nursing program in Arkansas?

    The list:

    Thanks a lot!!!
  8. by   det01
    I am going to Baptist. My DH is military and we will not be here long enough for me to do a BSN. I already have one Bach degree though, so I will try to go directly from RN - MSN at our next station. Going to Baptist enables me to have my RN by Dec 2004

    Conway (UCA) has a nursing program as does University Medical School. UCA has an application deadline of Jan. I am not sure about the deadline at Uni Med - however, they do require you have 3 semesters of chemistry I think.

    There is an ADN program at UALR.

    Those are the only other programs that I know about.

  9. by   bedpan
    I am in south Arkansas going for my LPN - My plans are to move to the Rock upon graduation and immediately begin working and getting my prereqs for an RN program
  10. by   debralynn
    Greetings fellow Arkansans:

    I am in Northeast Arkansas. Will be attending ASU - Jonesboro this August to obtain my RN - ASN. Am awaiting my LPN temporary.
    Glad to know our world is so small!