Anyone heard of O-chem as a prereq? - page 2

I'm starting to figure out where I want to apply for nursing school (in CA) so I can get all the prereqs done beforehand. I've noticed that they vary a bit from school to school but all require... Read More

  1. by   prmenrs
    Had one semester inorganic and one semester organic--about 35+years ago.
  2. by   kahumai
    At my program we were required to take one semester of general chemistry and one semester of organic chemistry. I *HATED* general, but thought that organic wasn't that bad. It has actually come to be more helpful to my current nursing classes than my general chemistry. I agree with everyone else here; don't be scared off by it. I took organic over the summer last year, and even crammed into a few weeks, it didn't mind it as much as general.
  3. by   kar212
    I had to take General Chemistry and a class called Organic & Biological Chemistry the following quarter for my prerequs 10 years ago.
  4. by   youknowho
    I need organic and inorganic chem. I actually enjoyed organic chem. Did better than the other. Just carbon, carbon, carbon
  5. by   TDub
    I'm afraid so..... In 1981, I was a chemistry major for my first degree (switched to anthro) and had tutored people in organic and physical chemistry. I was required to take it over since the course focused on the chemistry that was necessary for nurses. Good luck.