Anyone have a NON healthcare job during nursing school?

  1. Just wondering if there are any out there that went thru nursing school and DID NOT hold down a healthcare job? Currently I work FT in medical claims (no clinical stuff) and will drop to PT to attend nursing school. I make more money in this job than I ever would in any other entry level clinical healthcare job. Right now the advantage is not having to learn a new job while adjusting to the demands of nursing school (school starts July). To me, that is a big plus! I think quitting now and having the stress of a new job on top of school starting would be hard!

    If you had/have a job outside of direct patient care, how do you think it affected you? Pros and cons. Will I still be able to suceed in nursing school without a direct patient care position?

    I am thinking I will hang with my job now until 2nd semester or so and then try for direct patient care when I can make over $10 an hour (maybe!):stone and when I feel more confident to "jump in" to that arena. What do you think?

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  3. by   cursenurse
    i had a job at a warehouse when i was in lpn school. i worked as a freezer picker, putting together frozen food orders for shipment. i loved it. the pay was decent considering i was a kid with no education. after i did a couple of clinical rotations, i also got a job as a NA, which i worked part time in addition to the warehouse job.
  4. by   FirePup
    I work for a state training agency for firefighters...I don't think it affected me negatively, but yeah there were few things that I didn't know EXACTLY how to do when I got to the clinical floor.

    I love my job and wouldn't have wanted to work any where else during school, but do one thing when you get to the floor....Make friends with your classmates...MANY of them are already techs and if you ask them nicely how this or this is done they are usually MORE than willing to help out.

    It worked for me. I graduate in Aug....and almost feel ready to do so! :chuckle
  5. by   Shadelyn
    I have the same concern. I work as a receptionist at a mortgage servicing company, and hopefully will begin nursing school part time this fall. To make up for not having any experience in the field I have applied as a hospital volunteer. I don't know what I'll be doing as a volunteer yet, but it seems like a good way to get my feet wet.
  6. by   seneca-BSN-student
    I work full-time in a library. If I went through CNA training, I would be losing a big chunk of my salary...basically I wouldn't be able to live. CNAs only make around $10/hr around here. If I work a Sunday overtime shift at the library, its $22/hr. Plus I'm up for a promotion (more $). I won't be graduating until Dec. 2008, so I still have some time to think this through. I do have a little bit hospital experience though...from 1997-1999 I was a candy striper.
  7. by   mitchsmom
    I have three young boys & I'm not willing to go to school *and* work outside the home at the same time (I'm lucky that my husband supports us & I'm able to do this... well, with a million student loans, that is).
    Anyway, I guess I'm just banking on the fact that they need people enough to hire me anyway when I'm done (which in my area I do believe is the case).
    Good luck to you
  8. by   lunakat
    I am almost done with my 2nd semster (2 more to go) and I work as a switchboard operator at a local casino. At my job I am allowed to do my homework and studying while on the clock. I like that I have the ability to do this at my job becasue I wouldn't have time for this at a hospital. It is the only reason that I am still working here actually. But I know when I finally get a job I will not have had as much experience with pts and other things that you get when you work as a student aide in the hospital. It is possible to suceed in the program if you don't work in hospital, I know many who are in class with me who don't work right now. As to what it will be like when we all finally get out into the world as RN who knows, I imagine I will be a bit slower on the preforming tasks (foleys, dressing change, meds ect.)side as compared to my other classmates who already work at the hospital. Other than that I don't know yet....
  9. by   leesea
    I cleaned a office building during all my nursing classes, I started my first job as a LPN on IMC two months after I passes the Boards.
  10. by   melissa33
    i run a community center in a housing development. the only thing healthcare related is passing out bandaids! i love my job and i am not sure i would give it up even after i graduate. i may just work weekends as a nurse and bring healthcare, like immunizations, etc, into the center.
    peace and smiles..