Anyone else studying today?

  1. Got my first test in Psych nursing this week. So now I am hitting the books and the coffee.

    I did pass the drug Calculations test though I was starting to worry about that one while I was taking it. I almost forgot all about grains
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  3. by   jenrninmi
    Congratulations on doing well on your calculations exam! I'm not really studying but am doing homework for theory, clinicals, projects, and starting a paper...We only have a midterm and a final this semester. I think the midterm is the end of March sometime...
  4. by   twinbee25
    I have a psych exam tomorrow...and feel no where prepared for it!!! We just finished our psych rotation (yesterday/today), and I also have to turn in a process recording in a week. I came home and took a nap...then had to deal with some family issues/my that out of the way...on my 2nd cup of coffee...about to put my son to bed...still need to eat dinner...and trying to get focused for a (all)night of studying!!! ...oh and I can say that I do not think psych is my field! I commend anyone who can go into psych and deal with it all.

    good luck to all who are studying!!
  5. by   lunakat
    heheh I am suppose to be studying right now for my PN test I have on thursday. My brain was boiling over with so much info, I needed to sneak over here and take a break....