Anyone else struggling with a cruddy GPA??

  1. I am finishing up my prereq's right now, one more semester to go, and I have applied for nursing next fall. I am in classes right now with students who have this awesome GPA, and act so confident about what they want. Me - I attended college right out of high school about 10 years ago, completely messed up my GPA, I have a 2.483 and I need a 2.5 to get in to nursing. Did anyone else have this problem and not get in? My advisor acts like it's no big deal, but sometimes I think she might just be trying to make me feel better! Some days I think I don't have the brains or confindence to handle this...
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  3. by   GPatty
    You can handle it. Ask your advisor why she feels so confident...
    I'm sure you aren't the only one. Besides, how hard is it to get your GPA up to a 2.5?
    Are you taking classes right now? Just bust butt on them to get your GPA up. That's what I'm doing and I'm all right.
    Good Luck to you!~Keep us informed!
  4. by   RNntraining
    I can totally realte to with you! I am currently applying for the spring semester at the university here where a 2.5 must be maintained once in the program, but to apply you must have at least a 3.0. When I first started college no one explained the process of becoming a nurse to me. I thought you went to school for four years, passed with at least a C, and then vwaala.... you're a nurse! It was a real kick in the pants when I found out that the selection process for a majority of schools was based on gpa's. So from there on out I got my A's and B's, but now come application time, some of the applicants have 3.5's and above. I'm applying with my lowsy 3.2!! My advisor thinks I should apply regardless of anyone's gpa. I did a semester at a program in AZ who only makes you take an entrance test and adds your score to points you earn from prereqs you've taken. But I had to come home for personal reasons after the first semester. I know I want to be a nurse and all, but how affective am I going to be as a nursing student hobbling down the hall on my walker 70 years from now?!! I guess all we can do is try to stay positive? I'll pray for you GOOD LUCK!
  5. by   Rena RN 2003
    when i went to college straight from high school, my gpa wasn't all that great either. but by taking my prereqs and doing really well, i managed to get to a 4.0. i even retook one course just to improve the gpa.

    i'm 9 months from finishing my ASN and my gpa is holding at a 3.641. i guard that as much as possible simply because the masters program that i want to enter requires a 3.5 for admission.

    i don't necessairly think that gpa makes a person "smarter." but one does have to jump through certain hoops to get where one wants to be. that's what i'm aiming for.
  6. by   Hooligan
    I know what you mean...our pasts can come back to haunt us...

    The same thing happened to me...I started off at jr. college and transfered to a four year...I thought I was being so smart because I knew my GPA wouldn't transfer to my 4 year so I just skirted by getting b's and c's...then transferred and got my BA in English. No harm now fowl...right?... Well low and behold 7 years later, I decide to go into nursing and go back to that same jr. college. Well, guess what?...They still have me on record!! I've gotten 5 credit hours worth of A's now and it's only brought me up to a 2.73. It's enough to get admitted into the program but much for my fresh start! I guess I'll just have to be happy seeing 4.0's for the semester...'cause I'm never gonna see it in a cumulative figure!
  7. by   researchrabbit
    I graduated two years ago and I know several people in my class started nursing school with less than a 3.0 gpa (many of them were accepted in the two weeks before school started).

    Desire and willingness to work hard are much more important than a gpa.

    Schools look at the gpa first because, well, they are schools, and schools are grade-driven. If you have made high grades in the past, the thinking is that you already know how to study and can do the classwork (although this does not mean that someone with a high gpa can do the clinical work -- that's why most schools of nursing also have interviews).

    Nursing schools also get "graded" on their pass rates for the NCLEX...kinda their bottom line. A person who has a high gpa already has demonstrated the ability to pass tests.

    A lower gpa doesn't mean you can't do the work. One of the best nurses I graduated with was accepted into nursing school "on probation" because her gpa was so low. What it may mean for you is that you may need to study more (then again, you have 10 more years of life experience; you may be surprised at how much knowledge you have to build on).
  8. by   ashemson
    Thanks you guys...I am trying really hard to get good grades now. I am taking A&P and Nutrition right now, so with me luck!! And good luck to all of you also!
  9. by   Mkue
    You can DO IT ! just hang in there !

    Keep working hard !
  10. by   AppyHorseFan
    Me - I attended college right out of high school about 10 years ago, completely messed up my GPA, I have a 2.483 and I need a 2.5 to get in to nursing. Did anyone else have this problem and not get in?
    I was in the exact same boat...if not worse. After doing some research and talking to counselors at several colleges, I was informed of a piece of legislature that had passed. It's called "Fresh Start" or something along those lines. I don't know if this is strictly statewide or nationwide, but it works like this (in a nutshell)...

    You apply for a "Fresh Start" and any grades 10 years old and older are wiped off of your GPA. THEY DO REMAIN ON YOUR TRANSCRIPT, but don't affect your GPA. The schools that I talked with about this advised me that any classes I needed NOW that I had taken in the past...under the "Fresh Start"...I would have to retake. I didn't have a problem with this as the grades were HORRIBLE anyway and there were only a couple of courses that I had to retake. You can apply for this ONLY ONCE in a lifetime. I am now sitting with a 3.4 GPA.

    You might check into this. A word of advise, don't ask just one school about it. The school I am NOW attending didn't know anything about it, didn't offer me info on it or anything. I had to get a copy of info from another college to give them for them to check into it and give me the credit I was LEGALLY entitled to.

    Another thing that might help is if you have any electives or need some extra hours is to ask around and take something that is EASY and not very time consuming to help bring your GPA up.

    Hope some of this info helps. Good luck to you!!!

  11. by   Swiftee
    I was going to suggest what Shonda did- pad your grades a bit with an easy class. It might cost you a little bit more money, but if you get that "A" it'll be worth it. Good luck!
  12. by   Debbie5
    I would definitely check into the Fresh Start.
  13. by   ashemson
    Question about the fresh start - I am taking my last semester of prereq's before being able to start the nursing program. And I took biology and all other general's about 10 or 11 years ago. Would I have to retake those? Because I think I would go crazy if I had to add another year or so to my schooling!!! Great idea though, I am definitely going to look into it...Thanks everyone!
  14. by   Wyldeflower
    I graduated from high school with a 2.5, and thought that was pretty bad, but it put me in the top 10% of the graduating class! 2.5 is what's required to enter the nursing program at my college. I started last year in college to get the prereqs out of the way and entered the nursing program this fall with a hang in there, it can be done!!