Anybody else ready for spring break yet?

  1. How sad that it is only the second week of class and I am already up to my eyeballs in work. I think I'm going to lose my sanity by the end of the semester. It doesn't help that besides nursing I have A&P II, nutrition, pharm and a 3 year old. Tonight I thought I would splurge and get pizza for dinner so I bought 2 so I wouldn't have to cook tomorrow either. As I'm driving down the road I realize that I left them on the roof of my car. I pulled over to see if maybe somehow they were still there. No such luck. Just a big round steam spot on my roof taunting me. My husband said he saw pizza smeared all over the road on his way home. What the people behind me must have thought.
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  3. by   zacarias
    I'm so sorry about your pizza!! I mean it was supposed to be a nice treat for you to give you a break for all the stress of school . I hope you got yourself another treat to replace that one.

  4. by   essarge
    I know what you mean about work!! I just finished my second day of spring semester and the word "overwhelmed" has come to mind several times. This is going to be a really tough semester for me, but I know I can do it! So can you!
  5. by   delirium
    I totally feel your pain. Today is my first day of class for the spring semester---but my best nursing buddy and I have been stressing ourselves out trying to read and take notes on the 22 CHAPTERS we were assigned over our piddly little one month break.
    Oh, the joys of nursing school.
    But just think---- for me, only two semesters after this one. It always helps me to bring things up into manageable little pieces and take it one day at a time, worry about the thing that's due first, or that you're tested on first. That way you can't worry yourself to death over the big picture.
    Besides, how bad can one semester possibly be?
  6. by   kelligrl
    AHHHHH!!!! Just the other day I told my clinical instructor that I was fairly certain my head was about to explode....she wasn't too concerned, she just wanted me to let her know when so she could watch.. I'm worried that they're gonna find me in the corner curled up into the fetal position and humming to myself if the stress level doesn't go down a bit...."Just this semester and one more" has become my mantra.
  7. by   GPatty
    Last Friday, before Martin Luther King Day, I went to the restroom after schol was over, set my books down, only to come out and discover someone else had grabbed my bookbag by mistake! My wallet and books and study notes and everything were gone! Luckily, the girl who had grabbed my bag, left hers there, and her name was in it. After I got home, I called the school and had to leave three voice messages on three different machines,just so they could contact the girl who mistakenly took my bag and had to wait an hour to get an answer! After the girl and I exchanged bags back at the school (she lived in a different town and had to drive all the way back so we could meet), then as I am leaving, my gas gauge is registering empty. I am praying that the Lord helps me, when 1 line comes on for my digital tank (Thank You ,God! ) I make it across the street from campus and put my credit card into the pump which don't work, so the lady inside comes on and tells me to go ahead and pump it and then come in and she'll take my card in there. So I do, only to find out my credit card is being refused. So here I am, no cash, and $10 of gas in my car I haven't paid for. I have to leave my work ID there so I can go to the bank with the promise I will be right back. Of course, she acts like she doesn't believe me, and times me. I get behind "turtle-man" at the bank who has at least 14 transactions to do...
    Finally, I get back to the station, pay her the $10 I owe her, go to MY bank to do some transactions of my own, to discover MY account was overdrawn! *SIGH*

    So, yes....I am ALREADY ready for spring break!!!

  8. by   marieoct62
    I can relate to bad days!!! Believe me my life had been one emotional roller coaster after another and I remember several times asking God if this life were some type of cruel joke at times that is what it use to feel like. But every day on my way to school (it is a 25 minute ride) I don't turn on the radio and take the time to reflect (not on school) but on my life and on the day ahead. It may sound corny but I ask my spirit guides to guide me through the day, don't let me get too stressed out and be able to keep a smile on my face. Remember this you are never given any more than you are able to handle. It is hard some times but you need to laugh when things are going totally berserk it is easier to get throught those times with laughter instead of tears