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Hey, Just curious, is there anybody out there that went through nursing school and thought it wasn't really that hard?? :cool:... Read More

  1. by   angel1971
    My first semester I was so stressed out because it was my first in 13 years. Now I just go with the flow. Stress is only a state of mind you will live longer and do better in school without it.
  2. by   Chiaramonte
    Hardest thing I've ever done also. But it also formed some pretty strong and enduring friendships. Must be that misery loves company thing and all!
  3. by   rosemadder
    I don't believe that the coursework was outrageously hard--but the overall pressures of nursing school. Performance anxiety for clinicals, deadlines for papers, care plans, drug cards, always something hanging over your head. The combination of all the above is what made nursing school hard for me. It was/is very challenging and I am SO relieved to have only 2 months to go!!! Good luck everybody!
  4. by   Angella Walker
    Nursing school requires you to think differently. We are conditioned to think about hard facts and absolute answers (thinking back on micro and biochem). Nursing classes force us to think in stages, first 1, if one is ok then 2, if 1 is not ok then what should be done. It is not as easy as 1+1=2. It pulls in knowledge that we have learned in our prereqs, chews it up, swallows it, regurgitates it, and expects us to make it fit some kind of nursing process.


    btw: I love being a nursing student!!!!!
  5. by   emily_mom

    Don't hate me, but for me, it's not all that hard.....

    Yes, it is the hardest thing I have done so far, but I chalk it up to the fact that I have a small child, house, job, etc....which I didn't have before. But, I also have a drive that I didn't have before either.

    One thing that I have been blessed with (thanks, Mom! ) is a great memory and an ability to understand processes and such easily.

    Another thing that has helped me greatly is going over tests with my instructors. Doesn't matter if I only got one wrong, I talk to her about it so I understand. A lot of dealing with exams is knowing how the instructor tests and knowing what he/she expects of you. You may know the info right, left, backwards and upside down, but if they ask the question diagonally, the info you studied is gone...poof....

    When I read over my notes, I make up test questions in my head. I don't just memorize. I also pull it all together so it is easier to build on later.

    I do agree though, on all the darn paperwork and such. Now THAT is a pain in the azz!!! I'm going to have a huge bonfire May 6th...white scrubs, papers, my useless Nutrition book that I couldn't return....
  6. by   tatianamik
    I have a chem degree. Personally I think nursing school is a lot more common sense stuff. I can't tell that there's more work to do. I had all those nasty lab reports due. Both nursing and chem uses APA format. I do all my dosage calculations by my chemistry math setup. It's a type of ratio & proportion. [If anyone wants to learn it PM me and I'll try to explain it online.] Basically you set it up so all the units cancel each other out. The hardest thing in nursing school is the fact that I'm going to school and working full time.
  7. by   kittyw
    I think it all depends on what you're good at. For me, nursing school is sooo much easier than trying to write poetry..... for some people it is the other way around.
  8. by   NurseShell
    Originally posted by emily_mom

    Don't hate me, but for me, it's not all that hard.....

    PHEW!! Thanks for saying it first!!!
    I second. yes, it's difficult, but it's not THAT HARD!! Some of the complaints I hear (from my classmates, not here) are's like they don't want to have to work for it....I work for it (when I'm not falling all over myself injuring body parts that is )
  9. by   RNonsense
    Yeah some parts were easy...some very difficult. No matter how brainy ya still have to pull it all together in clinical...
  10. by   emily_mom
    Originally posted by RNonsense
    Yeah some parts were easy...some very difficult. No matter how brainy ya still have to pull it all together in clinical...
    We have some students like that...consistently get 100's on exams but then struggle through clinical. Definitely book smart, but not application or socially intelligent.

    I love my job and the opportunity it gives me to improve on my skills and interaction. I am proud that I am a blend of both!