Any UK Nurses?

  1. Hello all,

    I'm new to this site, but it is a lovely one at that!

    So was just wondering if there are any UK student nurses out there? or are u all US?

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  3. by   Whisper
    I am English, and there are quite a few British nurses on this site, all thought there aren't that many students on this site.

    I love your user name, and totally agree with it
    Hope to see you around this site, and look foward to hearing your views, and opinions

  4. by   fulwood
    Hi, I'm British and post on this site but not a nurse yet. You will enjoy this nursing website/board as everyone is extremely helpful and have learned some absolutely wonderful stuff from the folks who frequent this board.
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    kat, welcome and all the best to you!
  6. by   BetterBursary
    Oh goodo, I like some English on th'old US site... a beauty I'd say!

    Yeh, Milburn (Right Honourable, MP, lol) needs to sort it out!! Deffo not good for student nurse's pocket or morale for that matter!!

  7. by   JAYNE :DANCE:
    Kat, Welcome to the site...we look forward to hearing more from you
  8. by   BetterBursary

    Right bed time! It's 02:53 here!
  9. by   BetterBursary
    Well, nice to meet u few fellow UK ppl...

    You like my name, then go to my website (see signature) and join the campaign!

  10. by   Whisper
    I have been on your website!!!
  11. by   Jamorga
    This is my first posting, Hi all, BetterBursary, visited your site, good luck with the petition, I've signed it lets hope somebody takes notice of us!
  12. by   uk_nurse
    im from uk too. im in my final year now as a paediatric student. so not long before i say goodbye to student