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  1. by   marieoct62
    Hi, I have just finished my sophomore year and A&P I & II got a B in both classes. We had the class over two semesters, I cannot imagine taking it over the summer Good Luck! I also used the same book which I loved. I know I am probably going to catch some flack for this but I did not read the chapters until I had the lecture. My Prof could not possibly cover everything in the chapters and besides I was carrying 19 credits. You have some really great advice out here already but I do recommend 1. If you do not understand something in class talk with the prof immediately, do not leave the class and think you are going to get it. 2. Explore the internet, I have stockpiled about 25 sites in a folder that have many valuable nursing and A&P information. You would be surprised what is out there as far as tutorials! 3. Don't get too stressed out, you will only make yourself sick!
  2. by   essarge
    I start classes on May 22 and each part (1 & 2) are 6 weeks each. The prof said we will be covering the first 16 chapters in 1!! That averages out to almost 3 chapters a about intense!! I already told family that I will be in my "cave" pretty much all summer, but I am still standing by my old saying that "I will take one day per week for myself and my family, no school allowed on that day!". Last time it was Saturday, I think I'm going to try to keep it that way!! I have no classes on Friday except for a study group we put together, I'll take Saturday for my family, and back to the books on Sunday!

    I've read chapter one which is the "basics" and answered all the review questions, hopefully that will help!! Makes me wish that the summer were over!! I also got the coloring book and cliff notes quick review for A&P (I highly recommend this), so hopefully I'm ahead of the game. I'll let you know how things are working out! Thanks for all your help!!
  3. by   MandM
    Notecards (3x5) were my best-friends. Everything went on them. Don't get behind; everyday after class I would make the cards that was covered in lecture. I have 2 kids so getting behind is not an option. Also, I would make copies of the anatomy (such as, bones, vessels, etc.) shrink them on a copier and then paste them onto notecards, that way when I was in line at the grocery store, I would just whip out my cards!
    Good Luck!
  4. by   janleb
    A&P was very hard!! Tell you what I consider a B in A&P to be an A, a C is a B by my standards If that makes any sense. Usually there was only 2-3 A in all the classes. So many people do not get through anatomy, I would be happy with a C. When you become a nurse nobody is going to care whether you got an A or a C in it. But like you said for the personal satisfaction a B would be nice Janice

    Originally posted by RN-2-BE:
    <STRONG>Oh my.... you better hold on to every last nerve you have in your body for this class! It was by far the most interesting, but definitely the most challenging! Use notecards, study groups are great, I wish someone would have told me about that coloring book (..., interpret your lecture notes with your own body (as goofy as I may sound). It's not a class you memorize, it's a class you visualize and try to understand the concept. I got a "C" in I & II, and that was TRYING.... Although, my college has a tough biology department, so they say... I did learn, but a "B" would've been nicer of course

    Good Luck </STRONG>
  5. by   janleb
    Hi, I am going to try to get an A&P web site started within the next few weeks, i will let you know. I scour the internet for information. You can find tons of practice exams online for a&p. I tell you what my computer crashed so I lost every one of the sites I had, but I will try to find them for you. I find the more you expose yourself to the better you learn. I will email you soon J

    Originally posted by essarge:
    <STRONG>I'm going to be taking A&PI and A&PII this summer...any study tips?</STRONG>
  6. by   peaceful2100
    My suggstion for those who are going through A/P 1 or 2 or chemistry or physiology. I would say that getting an A or B would be very wonderful and it is good but I would also like to stress that SOME not ALL students who made A's and B's in A/P, chemistry, and physiology sometime come into nursing school very disappointed. I know a few of my classmates who made 4.0 in all their pre-req's but in nursing school it was a totally different story, they did average and some even dropped out because they were shocked. I on the other hand made C's in every single science pre-req except microbiology I made a B. I just finished my first semester of nursing school and all my nursing grades were B's a couple were border line and almost A's. My point is learn the A/P, apply it do not just put it into your short-term memory. It is better in my opinion to get that C and remember the info, learn how to apply it then to get an A or B and put it in short-term memory and do not learn anything. Also I know it is fun to be competitive and see who can beat each other but don't let that be your main focus, it will get you in to trouble by the time you start nursing school in my opinion because you will be so focused on being competitive instead of helping each other and believe me you may be able to get through pre-req's by yourself but it will be hard to not stick together in nursing school, you will need to support each other. Some of the most competitive students in my nursing class are no longer there any more. If you get an A be very proud but if you get a C and learned the stuff also be very proud because it is hard and some people will not even make it that far. My nursing advisor told me she seen some C students in the theory part of the class make the best students in clinicals and later on as a nurse. I worked hard to make B's this semester and learned the stuff and my goal next semester is to make all A's but I am going to be more focused on learning and applying the info than anything else.

    Take care everyone
  7. by   lalajenn
    I just wanted to thank everybody who put tips and all down. I will be taking A&P II this summer and need all the help I can get. I got a C in the first half and I took it in the summer too. I would like to make a better grade this time around.
  8. by   NurseStudentFall01
    Can I ask what text everyone else is using for A&P? Thanks!
  9. by   essarge
    We are using Tortora and Grabowski (9th ed.) Principles of Anatomy and Physiology (but I am using the 8th...don't want to pay $120 for a book right now!) I read the first couple chapters, but stopped because I don't want to overwhelm myself before I start. The first one helped alot though....gave the basics. The other chapters kind of break down the basics.
  10. by   essarge
    Does anyone have any old A&P tests that the rest of us might be able to use for pracice? I found some, but you know what they say....practice makes perfect!!! Thanks!
  11. by   RNDiv2
    Just thought that I had better add to my earlier post that 'No, it does not make a difference if you get an A, B, or a C or a simple Pass, what matters is that you are happy with your score. Anyway, I forgot to mention that there is some really good software for the computer which really helps with A & P. It's called BODYWORKS a 3D journey through the Human Body. The Princeton Review is the best one to buy. Give it a try, it really helps and my lecturers recommended it!!!!!!

  12. by   NurseStudentFall01
    This website is listed in the front of our A&P textbooks.

    Lots of good chapter summaries, self-tests, etc. Hope this helps!
  13. by   swmn
    You have some good advice already. Definitely get a study group together. Even you and one other person is better than no one. Biggest study group I can work in is about four people total.

    Do _not_ study only with your group. They can't help you on the test.

    In the helps some people but doesn't help everyone: Coloring books, computer software have been mentioned. I would add two things to this category.

    I found the running press edition of Gray's anatomy very helpful when getting ready for the bone practical. One of my study partners looked some stuff up in mine, and I glanced at her coloring book every once in a while too.

    Also, for the cat disection, I took a lamp to lab with me. I thought the overhead flourescents were totally inadequate for the level of detail required in the disection. With a 100w incandescent bulb right on the lab table with me and the cat I did fine.

    Finally, do not get behind. It seems like a flood of information, but it keeps coming and coming and coming. I ended up with an A and an A; my first priority after every lecture was to review the entire lecture twice before the next one so I would not get behind.