another one bites the dust...

  1. Ok, let me say that the turnover in nursing school is worse than the employees at taco bell. Except, of course, that we don't get new students.
    We started out with a campus group of 20 and a clinical group of 10 (clinicals are divided into days and evenings, I'm in the day group). Now we have 17 students and 7 in our clinical group. One of them had to leave because of personal reasons in the first week (suffered a really horrible family tragedy). The other two... couldn't hack it, I guess.
    Is it like this in all nursing schools?
    The girl who just left, she was with us in clinical on Tuesday, had a pretty crummy day even though we all tried to help her out, and never came back again.
    Weird. Who drops out of school over one bad day?
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  3. by   GPatty
    We started out with 80. I think we are down to like 75 or so. People just quit because of one hard day, stress at home, things like that... I think it's strange too, but whatever! I don't think I would want to go through the whole big process of getting in, just to quit when things got a little tough.
    Our class is separated into 6 groups, and so far, my group hasn't had anyone quit yet, although we have one I am worried about. She was really down on herself with her last test (she got a C), but I think it's more than that (family stuff has got her really bad). So we're all trying to keep her spirits up and keep her knowing she can do this... we all can, together!
  4. by   Scarlette
    We started 24 and graduated 18 in my LPN class. One girl dropped out 2 weeks before graduation!!!! Can you believe that???!!! She said she just wasn't cut out for it......Now come on, duh, finish up, graduate and work in a Doc's office if you don't like hospital nursing....or find something else you can do with your license that you might enjoy.....

    In our ADN class we started 19 and graduated 15. Two drop outs and 2 failed.

    I guess last year's LPN class started with 36 and only graduated 20 (I think).
  5. by   BrandyBSN
    Yeah, students dropping out in nursing school is pretty common. We started with 50 in 98, and now we are down to 32 (last time i checked).

    The main reason, in my opinion, and from those who I have talked to is that people go in to school because they think "how hard can it be to give a shot, and change a sheet"? Then when they actually find out what it really takes to do the job, they freak out and run. Some have a glorified idea of what nursing is, and are afraid to get their hands dirty. its a reality shock that some students just cant take.

    But, its ok, and it should be that way. We need good students, who graduate to be great nurses, not just students who think they will slide into it

  6. by   JennieBSN
    Some people get into it and realized nursing isn't what they'd imagined it would be. They probably watch too much 'ER' and 'Chicago Hope.' Anyway, they hang on and hang on and hang on and hope they'll just 'warm up' to nursing, then have that one horrible day....and it's the straw that breaks the camel's back. My own roommate in college started out as a nsg major, got accepted to the program, blah, blah, blah....then dropped out. Her grades were impeccable, she was NOT having difficulty w/the cirriculum. Her mother was a nurse, and had been discouraging her for months to 'not follow in her footsteps,' telling her how horrible a profession nursing was, etc.. So she dropped the program and changed her major to Medical Technology.

    Most programs lose a few along the way. Don't let it get you down! Just the nature of the business, ya know?
  7. by   trishfish
    Well I am a nursing school failure! Flunked out in our next to last semester by 2/10ths of a point!!!! Oh Well, I WILL pass this time. What doesn't kill me WILL make me a stronger and better NURSE.

    The nursing class of 2000 started out with 95 students and graduated 15.
    The nursing class of 2001 started out with 90 students and graduated 35.
    The current nursing class started out with over 100 students and there are 45 left. I know about 5 will fail because this is the hardest semester.

    My clinical instructor were just discussing this just the other day. Growing up I thought all a nurse did was do whatever the Dr. said. Boy, was I wrong!!!

  8. by   lvnmom
    Yes I think all school are that way,we started out in Jan with 36 and have been fortunate that we will graduate in Dec with 32 of the original,we have picked up a few others on the way.But the class before us started out with 36 and graduated like 16,sad really,but I know one thing I have dedicated too much and I'm not going anywhere but across stage!
  9. by   nurseleigh
    Im sure i will get berated for this but here is my opinion on this matter.

    We are a society of quitters. Hear me out. When a job starts getting difficult we quit and find a new job, when our marriage starts having problems we divorce and try to find a new spouse, when school starts getting hard we drop-out(high school and college) and unfortunately, when the kids start to get impossible we give them to our parents or the state to raise.

    Now, of course, this doesnt apply to everyone because we are all still going through with it. It is just that we live in such a disposable world

  10. by   lvnmom
    I hope this is just how you feel and not what you do-I do agree though,we are a society who quits or runs and hides when things get tough......
  11. by   Shanners_SPN
    We started with 50 and now have 41...all in a span of just 4 weeks!!

  12. by   essarge
    Well, so far, we started with 34, and still have 34. God willing we'll finish this year out with 34.

    Next semester is the big challenge this year though. We all (at least most of us) have microbiology, and then pathophysiology/pharmocology (this is on class). That semester will weed out the "do bees" from the "don't bees". The last class that went through this, lost 10 people in that semester. Why for the life of me, they give those extremely hard classes together!!!!!

    Anyway, in my true tradition, I am a "do bee" and will do whatever I can to get through next semester!!
  13. by   delirium
    I understand it, its just that I can't imagine doing everything and making all the sacrifices I've made to get here to nursing school just to quit after one crummy day. That doesn't make sense to me.
    This doesn't surprise me too much, though. Many students are in the program with no idea of what nursing is really like (they have Flo syndrome), and when they get into the thick of it they sort of freak out. I have worked in a hospital for 2 years and have many friends that are nurses and I think I have an idea of what I am getting myself into, although I'm sure I'll have my fair share of reality shock once I get my first job.
    Traci, some of what you said is true. Our society does view many things as disposable up to and including people. I wouldn't say, however, that everyone is like that. There are many resilient and hard-working americans that have given up a lot to reach their dreams and don't quit until they achieve them.
    And of course we won't berate you. Everyone is entitled to have and express their own opinions.
    Two hours of lecture and the day is MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Take care all.
  14. by   rdhdnrs
    It sounds like something is wrong at your school if the numbers go from 90 starting to 15 graduating. Nursing is hard but my goodness, I never heard of that rate of drop out. Are the academics really tough? Do you have some professors trying to weed you out? Just curious-those numbers made me do a double-take!