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There was a student sleeping, head-on-desk, last week in lecture. LOL, that is one expensive and long-awaited nap! I hope she doesn't fall asleep in the middle of a procedure some day. lololol ... Read More

  1. by   student4ever
    In my soc class, there's an older woman who'se going back to school for like, her 5th degree or something - I think she's a chronic student - can't seem to get the hang of the working world. Anyhow, she dozes off frequently, but always wakes up a time or two, joins in the conversation, and dozes back off. It's never been disruptive. Well, last week, right in the middle of a discussion, there was one of those sudden, silent moments where no one talks, no one moves, no noise whatsoever - except that Ms. Snoozer suddenly snorts - VERY loudly. The whole class spontaneously erupts in laughter (ya know, the nervous giggle kind), and Ms. Snoozer's head pops back up, and she goes... "ya know, my family was just like that." It was so darn funny we had to let class go early - none of us could concentrate anymore!