Am I wrong for this? (SNA issue)

  1. So, two weeks ago, as I'm coming out of our morning class, our lone(seems like) first-year rep for the SNA is passing out t-shirt, sweatpant, cap, etc order forms to all of us students. She mentions that the money is due the F before finals. Nowhere on the form is a number or name to contact someone else perhaps in the SNA to ask ?'s, get info, etc before we order.
    I'm looking and only ONE color is gender-neutral (white w/black sleeves tee, and grey sweats) in each catagory. the logo was rather blah..but did say nursing 07 on it....
    Now, me thinking here, why would I want items with an 07 year on them, if I'm graduating (god willing) in 2008? So, I went ahead and placed an order, gave it back to same person who passed them out, but stated on the form "do NOT want unless year is 08." So, we go through finals, through end-of semester stuff, then the last day of the semester(last friday)...our SNA rep has to call me back to ask me if I still want my items because they WILL say 07 on them.
    I very politely say, "no, thanks, why would I want etc. etc." She gets a little huffy, then proceeds to ask me how I want my $$ back.
    At this point, I'm thinking..."I don't care, I just want it back, considering you just threw a crimp into a few xmas presents this year." So, I finally get it back and proceed to think about it for a few days...
    Am I just foolish for thinking that A)perhaps a few neutral colors should be on the list and B) that I would want items with 08 on them?
    I can't wait for next semester, as I start a new 5PM-5AM job, and my classes already fall on Tuesdays, so I should be out there at noon to become a member.
    There's a severe lack of info about our SNA association, and I know of 5-6 other friends who want to come with me, but they're not clear on when meetings are or I'm working on finding out. Thanks. Just had to vent.
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  3. by   MySimplePlan I didn't even bother to join. They just want bodies to sell their brownies at bakesales. To me, it's a fundraising body, and I have enough of that with two kids in elementary school and scouting. Who's got time for that with classes, clinicals, homework, and family? No thanks. Not enough bang for my time buck.
  4. by   locolorenzo22
    See that's what I figure...but I guess it looks good on a resume...
  5. by   RN BSN 2009
    I was thinking about joining but I'm busy enough with my frat!!
  6. by   moongirl
    Ours are very gender friendly. we had some pink, white, heather grey, red and black to choose from. none of ours had the year on it soooo lorenzo, Moon is thinkin you should join your SNA and bring about some positive changes! Plus at my school, joining is NOT an option, it is required. If we dont join, we fail the semester. we have "officers" within our graduating class, but we are all still members. If you want the change, be the voice
  7. by   sodiumH20taffy
    Our purchases support the nursing club which pays for our pinning ceremony (especially the expensive pins) and our sitting fee for portraits when we graduate. Buying shirts, etc., with 2007 means that you were in the nursing program that year -- that's an accomplishment to be proud of! :spin:

    I think it's important to be supportive of fellow classmates, and the way to show it is to buy and wear what is being sold. P.S. I'm also buying Christmas presents for my close relatives. :icon_wink:
  8. by   Daytonite
    Like anything thing else, any club or organization is only going to be as good as the input of those involved who take the time to put anything into it. It may be that at the current time, there is very little to no participation or enthusiasm in those involved. I don't tout that little saying at the bottom of my posts for nothing (Opportunities are never lost. Someone will take the ones you miss.) If you feel like you would like to get involved, then do so. Ask questions and find out when the meetings are, if they are even having them. Every college has rules regarding the existence of any official student organization that usually includes having bylaws, etc. Reading an organization's bylaws is always interesting. This is a good exercise for everyone in finding out how these things work. The bylaws, however, won't account for the efforts that it's members put into the activities of a club. So, here's your chance to get involved if you like. Those of you who don't want to be involved, don't have to be, but I can tell you from my own experiences that those who do participate come away with a much better practical understanding of how to work with people in groups, teamwork and as a leader. You can't get that from a textbook. Being an active member of an organization is very similar to the clinical time you spend with patients learning nursing, except it is clinical time learning leadership and teamwork skills. Some of you will go on to become RNs where you will find yourself having to attend a good number of committee meetings where you will be required to be an active member. Being in SNA is a good beginning point.

    Many SNAs also belong to a larger state or national SNA. Officers of state and national SNAs often have their travel expenses reimbursed by the organization. State and national SNAs hold semi-annual workshops and conventions. The NSNA is getting ready to hold one of it's conventions out here in Anaheim in April.
  9. by   locolorenzo22
    really, thanks Daytonite, your posts are often filled with so much useful information. That's the plan, 4-5 of us who are already in clinicals are going to go to SNA meetings next semester as soon as we find out when they are...I emailed the advisors, however, I really don't expect a response until after xmas....
    I think I'd like to be an officer, but at least speak up for the men in the program and the men who would like to be in the program...right with ya Moon! Maybe a nice Hunter green, or even cammo would be a nice option....