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Hi every1, this's me.. New members in this lovelly board. I'm studying in science & Technology University in Jordan - of of course nursing. It's wondering why I'm studing out of my country? The... Read More

  1. by   kavi
    Welcome! The wonderful thing about the World Wide Web today is that we can all talk to each other, one on one. And not just relate through politicians.

    Almost everyone one of us in this country is descended from people who came from another country. Sometimes they were allowed in easily. Many times there were prejudices.

    Nearly every major group here (Hispanic, Irish, Jewish, Eastern European, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Nordic, African, etc.) has gone through times of prejudices against them. Times when fears created limits on who has been allowed in, who could stay, etc.. Then time passes and the fears turn elsewhere. It seems to be part of the process.

    That probably doesn't help your frustrations of not being allowed here, but please know that you aren't alone. And that Middle Easterners are not the first group that have been feared or treated unfairly.

    So yes please share with us your thoughts and feelings and what it's like to study nursing where you are. Looking forward to hearing from you SaudiNurse. And congratulations on such good English! kavi :spin:
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  2. by   LasVegasRN
    Welcome SaudiNurse!
  3. by   babynursewannab
    Glad to have you! Stick around, you'll love it here!
  4. by   Rena RN 2003
  5. by   Vsummer1
    Of course you are welcome on the board!!! I personally love the diversity here, and hope you come back often to share.

    See you soon!
  6. by   eltrip
    Welcome! Glad that you're here!
  7. by   micro
    very welcome and so glad to see you venturing into this

    it is truly a small world, and it is sad that so much devastation and tragedy keeps the world apart from each other

    may you find peace and much success with your studies.......

    may this world one day find peace and we all learn to get along on a global level...........

    for me, I am thankful that people are people and we are all connected........

  8. by   Robin61970
    Welcome to the boards......hope you stick with gets a little rough at times, but we manage to work through it and always try to help each other out!
  9. by   Stargazer
    We welcome diversity. Hi!
  10. by   CountrifiedRN
    Welcome to the board! You will find a lot of support and encouragement here. Good luck in your studies!
  11. by   JedsMom
    Welcome. Good luck in nursing school!
  12. by   AnaH
    Welcome and Good Luck with School

  13. by   tattooednursie
    It doesnt matter to me what country everyone is from! were all on the same panet! Welcome to our allnurses family!