Am i studying enough?

  1. Hello everyone!
    I'm a first semester student, and I've managed to get mostly 10/10 in quizzes, 90% on my first fundamentals test and 98% on my first Pharm test. I study 2 hours a day while most of my classmates study so much that they are always tired and sleepy.
    Am I just lucky or am I gonna need to study more as the material gets harder? I stop studying after i feel I'm in good shape for a test. How many of you feel you don't need to study as hard to get good grades? Is it really necessary to study until 1am to succeed in nursing school?
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  3. by   Streamline2010
    You might be "just lucky" in that you have the aptitude for it, and the interest, and thus, it's easy for you. You might also have some really top-quality instructors who are making it very efficient for students to learn.

    I imagine that you'd instantly know if the work starts getting harder for you. Then you'll have to put in more time on it. Nursing was very tedious and hard for me to learn, and that's one of the reasons that I left RN school. But I'm a whiz at math, computer programming, and anything mechanical. That stuff, I can practically read though once and pick up at least 90% of it, easily. But I struggle and struggled and finally burned out on nursing.

    Sounds like you and the course material and the school you're at are a very good fit, so don't worry. Just keep up the good work. :-)
  4. by   Katie71275
    I have several classmates who study all day pretty much. I do not study as much. I go over my notes and type up my study guide and stuff, but I feel that I have NEVER overly studied and have always done well Sounds like you will do well too!
  5. by   Feistn
    There is a point of diminishing returns. I firmly believe that 2 hours of good, concentrated study time is better than hours of panicky, unfocused study time. I also am a firm believer in getting it in where you can. I honestly can't say how much I study. But I keep up on the coursework, and I generally find that I have a good grasp on the information.

    If you're doing well, and it's working for you, that's all that matters. It is so much better to study smart, not hard!
  6. by   gummi bear
    I'm doing the exact same thing that Feistn described, and it's been working pretty well so far.
  7. by   dayanara
    Oh thank u all for your input and words of encouragement. I really think you are right. 2 hours of good studying beat 8 of unfocused studying. I remember when I was younger(I'm 31 now), that I would read and stop for a minute or two to think about my bf or what I was going to wear for a Then i would go back to my reading and start from the beginning of the paragraph to grasp the idea again. Those days are long gone, but my point is that when we study we have to put our mind and soul in what we are doing at the moment. Daydreaming while reading is a big no-no. I imagine that happens to a lot of students.