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  1. This makes me a tad nervous. At least I don't have to pay ahead. Not that I plan on failing but you never know. So my fall schedule will be a 13 credit advanced med surg class. I will be taking my maternal and child and pharmacology in the spring. After the summer semster is over with. I will only have thses three classes to do! I make it sound so easy, don't I?

    Can we be honest here is everyone doing really? I have my moments. My first clinical day is usually aweful and then my next day is fine. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever know enough to be a nurse. How do all of you handle the tough times? Some days I wonder if it is all worth it. My work sheets usually take at least 6 hours to complete. I usually have at least 3 more hours work to do on the same sheets the next day. If this normal for your program?

    That is it for now. I want to wish all those graduating all the best! Good luck to you all. I am going to help out at the class of 2003 graduation this year. I hope to be inspired to continue on,so that I will be on the stage next year.
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  3. by   HollieRN
    I'll be graduating in 2006 ... Making me just about done first yr. In Ontario, to be an RN, it's a four yr degree.

    I think i'm doing okay ... ? It's hard to tell sometimes. I'm currently writing exams for pharmacology, nursing theory 1 (the surgical patient) and health assessment. Wrote pathophys. today and it went great (i think ... i hope ... ??)

    Since we're being honest here ... I didn't like clinical. Being first yr, i've only had one rotation, and that was med-surg ... but i didn't like it. I was in a small town hospital w/ mostly older patients w/ chronic problems. I had *maybe* 3 surgical patients. A lot of my problems were due to lack of confidence, but the rest of it was just plain lack of interest. I didn't really like what i was doing ... But i passed first clinical, and i've got 6 more and a consolidation before i'm done ... oy ...

    I'm looking forward to next year tho. We haven't done soc and psych yet, and i love those. We get to do mental health and ob/gyn clinicals, and i'm really hoping i like those better than med-surg.

    Overall, i'm happy w/ my choice to do nursing tho. It's been a lot of work, and i'm sure it'll get harder as i go through, but i love what i'm learning.
  4. by   Jennerizer
    I'm just finishing up my first semester in clinicals & we are also on the med-surg floor in the oncology unit. Although I am gaining experience with having something different to deal with daily/weekly, I am not all that thrilled about it either. Perhaps it's because it's not the area I'm interested in. I am looking forward to next semester when we spend some time in the OR & the ER...just so that I have something to compare this clinical experience with. I'm looking so forward to ob/gyn clinicals...that's not until Jan 2004 though.

    It definitely is a challenge...but remember......if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Never lose the faith in yourself to see you through.
  5. by   zacarias

    I'm so glad we're being honest here . I generally don't like clinical. I know that sounds bad being that after I graduate, I'll be working in a hospital! But clinical is different. You have the instructor there, you have all the care plan stuff to prepare, you have to have supervision for all the IV med stuff etc...
    I also don't feel confident in clinicals. I am often scared when I first meet a patient as I think they will hate my guts LOL. Then I worry about doing something stupid or even dangerous. I constantly worry about meds especially after last quarter when the nurses ran around like chickens with their heads cut off. MAJOR potential for errors at that clinical setting.
    I begin my last med/surg clinical a week from tomorrow and I am counting on it being an OK experience where I will learn a bit more and gain a bit more confidence.

  6. by   Ortho_RN
    I have hated clinicals most of the way through.. They always seemed like a waste of time.. You spend all night doing paperwork, and then you spend like 4hrs on the floor actually doing stuff which you don't get much done in 4hrs...

    But these past two weeks have been great.. We have been doing Full Shift clinicals (7-4).. And our instructor isn't hovering over us.. We work with an actual RN if we have questions... But for the most part we are on our own... Hang IVs by ourselves, give shots and meds on our own.. Its great.. Makes you actually feel like a nurse... And we also have 8-9pts .... That is the hard part.. Talk about time management
  7. by   PennyLane
    I'm starting my program in the Fall. I have to take 6 classes, including Health Assessment, Pharm, Patho, something about being culturally-sensitive, Fundamentals, and one other that I can't remember. I'm nervous about taking 6 classes at once.

    We don't start clinicals until our second semester. Do you think that any of you would have felt better about your first clinical if you had one semester or lecture and labs behind you?
  8. by   HollieRN
    We DID have a semester of lectures and labs behind us, and i was still scared out of my mind. But my whole class was ... I'm assuming it's just something everyone faces.

    I'm kinda glad i'm not the only one that dislikes clinical this much tho ...

    AND, we only had one patient for clinical (yes it's only first yr, but still ... 2 or 3 would've been nice, i think). I was bored.