Afraid of Failure

  1. Is anyone else quitting their job to go to nursing school full time? If so, are you afraid what will happen if you do not do well & are dropped from the program? Will you return next go around to try again, or give up becoming a nurse all together?

    This thought keeps me up at night. August 15th is my last day at work (I am a paralegal). My husband said that we can try & live on just his income while I am in school. But I am afraid of what will happen if I fail or don't make it.

    I have come into contact w/ some nurses who, in my opinion & others, are dumb people (my boss' daughter for one). This gives me comfort that if they can make it, I can. But still, I wonder.

    Anyone else

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  3. by   live4today
    justjenn...don't measure your own success or lack of success on what you hear from others, or what you see in others. Look to your own self for where you are willing to go with your life. Always march by the beat of your own drum. Know thy self! If you believe in you, you are never a failure at what you try. Many don't even go that of luck to you!
  4. by   iliel
    I quit my job as a dental assistant. It was interfering and my grades (and mood) showed it. Since I quit and my boyfriend is my main help, I will not give up even if I do fail (although I try not to think of that)
    Good luck and don't worry!
  5. by   hoppermom3
    My last day of work as a Home Care Aide is August 15th...and I am just taking pre-reqs, not even accepted into the nursing program yet. It feels like a huge leap, yet it feels right. My husband is supportive, but I can tell he is nervous.
  6. by   echo*echo
    Hi Jenn,

    Fears? I think we all have our fears going in. I constantly ask myself if I am smart enough to do this, if I am disciplined enough to do this, if I am strong enough to do this. I think the answer to all of the above is yes, but I still have to prove myself. To be honest my biggest fear is how will I support myself for the next three years. That terrifies me as I have no one to lean on. But in my situation, at my age, I feel the risk is worth taking.
  7. by   IDreamOfJeanne
    justjenn, I am ALSO a 38-year-old "retired" paralegal who has returned to school to obtain my RN!!! What a coincidence!

    I lost my job in January 2002 and returned to school last July -- I ABSOLUTELY love it! If you can make it as a paralegal, girlfriend, you can get through nursing school. Get and keep the faith!

    Have you been accepted into a nursing school yet? That is the biggest problem you will encounter. I am actually still waiting on acceptance into a nursing program, having spent the past year getting all courses out of the way, outside of the nursing courses themselves (Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Psychology, Sociology, blah, blah, blah.)

    Yes, it is hard -- we lost 52% of our class by mid-term in the first semester of Anatomy & Physiology -- but if your husband has agreed for you to quit work to return to school, I say GO FOR IT! You can do it! If nursing is what you feel a passion for, then believe in yourself and you'll make it. Best wishes! Keep in touch and let me know how it's going. Take care! Jeanne
  8. by   Jen2
    Quitting work is not an option for me. Thus far I have worked 40 hrs a week while doing pre-reqs, and will go down to 24 hours a week while in nursing school. I will never give up. I know how bad I want it and that I can do it. So can you.

    Best of luck to you in your program. Write down on a peice of paper "I can do it." Carry it with you, and look at it every time you feel down. Best wishes.
  9. by   Shiva_Las_Vegas
    I am a pre-nursing student waiting on my acceptance letter. I will also probably have to either quit my job or find something part time when I actually start nursing classes.

    I think that anytime anybody makes a decision that is going to affect their life and the people around's scary. I think that's normal. I think if you weren't a little bit nervous then something would be wrong with you.....

    I do hope that you won't let the fear consume you. I've heard it said "Where there is a will, there's a way." and for the most part I think that is true.

    I think alot of times people are actually more capable than they think they are. You may suprise yourself once you get into school.

    If this is something that you truly want, you will achieve your way or another.
  10. by   LoriB
    I am a 38 year old who quit being a paralegal to go to college for computer science. I graduated last December and there are no jobs. Well I have a part time job where I did my co-op but they are doing major cuts and it doesn't look good. I am so nervous about even leaving my part time job that I decided instead of doing an accelerated BSN where I would have to quit I would do an ASN three days a week to keep my foot in the door for a bit. I hope to start either January or September of 2004. If I love nursing when I start or working and school gets too tough I'll quit my job ... I think.

  11. by   passing thru
    What does your husband mean by...

    "we can try and live on JUST MY INCOME while you are in school."

  12. by   passing thru
    Is he supportive?

    Or are you jeopardizing the familys' financial stablility by quitting your job & going to school?

    The "we can try" comment doesn't sound very supportive or confident. It sounds like he doesn't really think you all can make it -- long term - without your income.

    And, then, what if you flunk out? Will it be all your fault that the familys' finances are in crisis?

    What if you succeed? Will the familys' finances still be in crisis because of only his income supporting you?

    In actuality, would he prefer you went to school AND worked?

    There's always so many issues to be discussed and resolved when one wants to initiate a career change.
    Sometimes our partners are in it with us, and sometimes they are not.
  13. by   JudithL_in_NH


    I have my doubts, too . . . there are days I wonder if I can do this. And I'll only be working very part time hours (IF I can find something) in the Fall when I start my program. Money will be tight, and we have a son who'll be a college freshman, too, so there won't be anything extra to go around.

    I'm trying to approach school as I would a job. I plan on being on campus from 8-4 every day, even when I don't have classes or clinicals scheduled, so I can keep up with my work. Hopefully, I'll then at least have my evenings "free" to be mommy to my two girls still at home.

    My husband is supportive because he knows it will make me happier to be in a job I love, AND he knows that my income will increase by about 35% as a nurse over what I make now as a teacher. So, all-in-all, for a couple of years of sacrifice, we'll all come out ahead.

    My biggest worry is that one or both of my parents, in their 80's and just hanging by their toenails at staying in their own home, will have a major health crisis and need to go into a nursing home in the next two years. They live three hours from me, and I'd lose weeks of school if I had to go care for them in an emergency or while arrangements are being made. My dad had an aneurysm a couple of years ago, and I spent a month there taking care of my mom.

    First of all, keep the mindset that you WILL succeed, but really, what's the worst that can happen if, for whatever reason, you don't? If this is what you really want, then you'll repeat the year! What's one more year in the grand scheme of things?

  14. by   dosamigos76
    I think we all worry about failing. It motivates us at times and it pulls us down and keeps us awake in the middle of the night at times. Making any change is scary and takes us out of our comfort zone. All in all I think what makes the difference is in how we handle the doubts. Some times it helps to have a friend that we can talk to, sometimes posting here or reading about other's doubts and feelings helps us realize that it is NOT just us. Sometimes we just have to grit out teeth and tough it out, because that is what is needed.
    I think it helps to define what failure to YOU is. Failure to me is wanting to try something but being too scared to try or not trying hard enough. If I try my best and it doesn't work, then have I truly failed? No.
    I wish you the best!