Advice PLEASE!! Starting school this fall!!

  1. Hello everyone!!

    I finally got my letter and I'm starting school this fall at Mercer. What do you guys think I should buy?

    What brand of sneakers are the best and will offer me the most support?
    What supplies should I get?
    What helpful books should I read before starting?
    What digtal tape recorder is the best?
    Did you guys use a bookbag, or one of the rollling ones?

    Advice please!!!!
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  3. by   greeniebean
    I apply monday so I can't answer your questions but I wanted to say congrats!

    BTW- I am a nurse aide and on my feet 12 hours a day and I swear by nike shoes but check your program for acceptable colors. (also insoles are awesome!)
  4. by   csweetooth
    Thank you so much!!

    Good luck!!
  5. by   domal02
    Save ur back...get a rolling back pack.
  6. by   ElvishDNP
    I've got bad feet and swear by Nike Shox.
    Regarding the digital recorder - check your school's policy on that. Some places do not allow it and there are stiff penalties for not complying. Just a friendly heads-up.

    Might also want to check these forums out:
  7. by   goodstudentnowRN

    Congrats! Make sure the sneakers or whatever the school specifies for you to wear is comfortable. Eat well and get enough sleep. You can do it.
  8. by   csweetooth
    Ok thank you so much!! I can't believe my dream is coming true guys!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy right now!!!

    I have never had a rolling book bag. Where should I get it? Does it matter what brand? Does anyone bring their laptop to school with them? I was planning on bring mine.
  9. by   newbebop
    congrats! I too will start this fall, well my school offers our foundations class over summer which I am taking to lighten the load come fall. I really want to buy a nice treat for the accomplishment. but have convinced myself to wait till our orientation in July. I really want to make sure I make a useful choice since things will have to tighten up around here. Best of luck!
  10. by   FutureSoonerRN
    My suggestions for the first day of class:
    1.) A spacious planner
    2.) A spiral notebook
    3.) Plenty of writing supplies:-)
    4.) A rolling backpack
    S.) A folder for paperwork