accepting patients??

  1. Overall, would most of you say that your patients were pretty receptive to having a student nurse do things like IV's, meds, wound care etc? Or were they apprehensive about your knowledge and skills as a student? So far I've found most patients to be happy to help me gain experience. But some of my classmates haven't been as lucky.
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  3. by   jenrninmi
    Yep! So far they've all been very receptive.
  4. by   LeesieBug
    Absolutely! Nearly every patient I have had has been patient (he he), acccepting, encouraging, and appreciative. Many of them LOVE having students because it is like having their own private nurse for the day!

    The people I've worked with have been amazingly understanding when I am doing proceedures for the first time. They make this whole learning-to-be-a-nurse thing bearable!
  5. by   twarlik
    Never had any problems. Like LeesieBug said, most patients love having students because they tend to get a lot more attention.
  6. by   live4today
    Yes, most patients that I've had the pleasure of caring for enjoy having a student nurse do their care because they get lots of one on one attention that their "assigned RN or LPN" cannot afford to give them in today's healthcare environment.

    I can only remember one incident where one of my patient's family members screamed every nursing student who entered his mother's room right out of the room in tears. :angryfire Such ignorance.