Acceptances...anyone else still waiting???

  1. I've been a part time student for the past 2 years, and have applied to go full time for my last year. Well....i'm still waiting for that letter!!! Its driving me beyond crazy!!!
    I have a 4.0 GPA for my classes and have no idea why its taking so long. They told us admission decisions would be out by the end of February! I checked my student file online and my application status is "under departmental review".
    Sigh. I just want to know already!!

    Hugs to everyone else still waiting!!!
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  3. by   Renee4christ
    Hey! I am with you on the waiting process and I hate it! I was first told the 2nd week in march and now they say by the end of this month. I run out to the mailman every day like a little doggy!!! i am so impatient. I will be so elated when i have it in my hands. hopefully i am accepted. i don't know what i will do if it's a denial letter. i still have another school that sends them out the end of march as well. good luck to you~ what school are you going to?
  4. by   Anna4505
    When I was accepted, I did not find out until May! That wait was terrible! Hang in there...
  5. by   IrishIzCPNP
    Look at it this news can also bee good news. At least your application is still pending...means that you still have a chance!
  6. by   blynn9173
    hi all,
    i know how you feel waiting on that acceptance letter. i have been on edge for weeks. i received an acceptance letter in the mail today from a school. i am excited about that but that was my 2nd choice. the school i really want to go to sent letters out yesterday. have not heard nothing from them. hopefully, i will because that is where i want to attend. i wish everyone the best of luck!
  7. by   LUXOR21
    I am still impatiently waiting for an acceptance letter. I hope it is good news because I only applied to one school. If I don't get in I will have to rethink my plan. I run to the mailman everyday and no letter. I hope I get something by the end of the month. I can barely sleep at night. if I do not hear anything by the end of the month I will call the school.

    Sometimes, when I'm positive I try to think that no news is good news. Maybe they are in the process of figuring out my transfer credits......I already hold a Bachelor of Science degree.

    Hold on and we will congratulate eachother when letters start pouring in!!!!!
  8. by   miss arron
    i won't find out until the end of may.... i'm already losing my mind :selfbonk:

    i've got good grades, and did well on my TEAS, so i shouldn't worry, but i do anyways...
  9. by   beckersSN
    I won't know until June!! Letters are due in the mail by may 31st!!! I am going crazy already
  10. by   violingirl
    I find out in July, to start end of August. =S

    Talk about rushing. =P
  11. by   FutureNurse2005
    i'm still waiting....
  12. by   LUXOR21
    At long last. I received my acceptance letter to Holy Family University(PA) pre-nursing program! The wait was agonizing. I start classes on May 24th and am so looking forward to what the future will bring. I am on my way now!!!! Everyone, hang in there I know exactly how you feel. I have been
    waiting for the letter since January 2007.
  13. by   lovejana22

    i am waiting also!!!! so nervous, almost scared to check the mail!!! :spin:
  14. by   RNDreamer
    I received my acceptance letter for my 2nd choice, still waiting for my1st choice...I contacted the school and was told that my application was being reviewed...hopefully, I will receive a letter by the end of next week