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Hi Everyone, I would just like to start off by saying hello and I think this website is so cool!!!! I've been on it for a while, but never got around to signing up. Anyway I'm very patiently... Read More

  1. by   dansamy
    My school doesn't start 1st semester nursing students in the summer. SO, we won't know until JULY if we are accepted for fall enrollment!
  2. by   ctyler98
    I just found out yesterday that I am "unoffically" in, meaning that my name is on the list of accepted students but I haven't recieved the acceptance letter in my hand yet!! Should be getting it in the mail Sat or Mon!! I won't believe I'm in until I have my acceptance letter!!! Good luck to eveyone still waiting..I know how nerve racking it is!!
  3. by   canadiangal
    A big hello to everyone...i'm new to the is really great! Congrats to all of those who have received their addmission letters. i'm suppose to be starting the nursing program this fall...i got a letter from langara saying my waitlist position falls into jan but they said theres been cancellations so theres a strong likelihood that i'll be offered a seat for sept and theyll let me know as soon as a space is available...this wait is killin me
  4. by   mrsmoo2
    no letter yet, but our school accepts 40, and as of today there still isn't 40 applicants, and of those who have applied, the secretary told me alot have much lower grades than me, and some arent' going to make it in at all, so she said I have nothing to worry about. I still won't rest easy until the letter is in my hand.
  5. by   rebel_red
    TopCat1234 I have been accepted as an alternate for admission. :stone

    Try not to fret too much! Our class has 30 seats with four alternates. Due to financial/familial/job situations, 6 people chose not to take the program, so all of our alternates were able to enroll. :hatparty:

    Congrats to everyone!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for TopCat (and any other "alternates").
  6. by   MttoRN
    I too have been given an alternate status. It was kind of disappointing after waiting 60 days to find out. They take 60 students per year and the first 10 seats for this year went to alternates from last year, which makes me wonder exactly how many alternates they usually have...I have to attend orientation to accept my alternate status. They have the alternates go through all the same motions as those who have been accepted, so that if a seat opens all of the paperwork and exams are done. If not next fall, I am a priority admission for fall 2005...not sure how long I would be willing to wait.