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What are the accelerated RN programs ive heard mentioned here? Im in Ohio and havent heard of any. Thanks:confused:... Read More

  1. by   Caveman
    All the programs from Ohio that I mentioned require a previous non-nursing bachelors degreee - which I believe is true of most accelerated programs.
  2. by   H ynnoD
    I'm going to Fresno City College which is suppose to have the second best nursing program in the nation and it is 24 months.I can't see how you could cram all that learning into anything shorter.My Prereq's are going to take me 36 months,but that is because I work full time.Also I'm taking courses that can transfer over to a 4 year college for my BSN.
  3. by   KarenAR
    I'm in a 14-month accelerated program at the Univ. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. (12 months down, two months to go!) What an insane year it has been! SOOOOO much work and learning crammed into so little time. I chose to go this route because I have two kids and wanted to get done with school as quickly as possible. However it has been hard to do as a mom...because I am living, breathing, sleeping nursing school. Ugh!

    Our program is a BSN program. It is impossible to work outside this program. And we don't get much break/holiday time at all. At the end of fall semester, we had an extra (weeklong) course (8 a.m to 5 p.m. every day) tacked onto the end of the semester, so our Christmas break was shorter than usual (we got out at 5 p.m. on the 20th). And at the end of spring semester we had another weeklong course. We did get spring break and we've been off for the last week. Other than that, hardly any breaks. Just nonstop nursing school! It is really squeezed into the 14 months!

    As for background/prereqs, I was an English major (graduated 1992) and worked in magazines/publishing before going back to nursing school. Had to take A&P I and II and Microbiology. I had already taken all the other necessary stuff: biology, chemistry, statistics, psychology, social sciences, cultural diversity, philosophy, foreign language, phys ed, and general ed.

    If anyone is interested in knowing more about the program at UNC-CH, here is a link for you:

    Best of luck to everyone going into the accelerated programs! Pretty soon I'll be finished with mine! YAY!