accelerated bsn's

  1. I wanted to know if anyone is doing the accelerated nursing program? How is it? Apart from having no life during that time, what are the other downfalls? Do people usually drop out of it?
    Lately I've been thinking about going that route, please feel free to offer any info you can...
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  3. by   memphispanda
    Accelerated? No life? I am doing a regular diploma program and I have no life...spend all my time on school stuff. I can't imagine being accelerated.
  4. by   Maura
    I think a couple of other people on the board were starting an accelerated program this fall, but I imagine they are too busy to check the board!

    I am starting an accelerated BSN program in January. I know it will be tough, but I am confident that I will pull through it. I excited and nervous about it at the same time. The program is 4 quarters long, so I will graduate next December. Additionally, I have a full scholarship in return for 2 years of service at the hospital affiliated with the school. It is one of the top hospitals in the city--I feel great to have a "guaranteed" job there once I graduate.

    Maybe ask if you can contact any of the current students at a program near you to get a feel for the pace. These programs get a high number of applicants, at least in my city, so the school tends to find the people who they feel very strongly will excel in the program. Good luck!

  5. by   babynursewannab
    Most of my friends are in the accelerated program at our school. They are glad they're getting through it but have NO life whatsoever outside of school right now. It is their 9-5 job and also all of their extracurricular activities all joined into one.

    Most people don't drop out of it because it's so competative to get into. Also, to know you have an entire YEAR less of nursing school would be enough motivation for me!
  6. by   PennyLane
    **fingers crossed** I'll be starting an accelerated BSN program next June. I visited the school over the weekend and LOVED it. It'll be tough, but nothing can be worse than sitting in front of a computer all day, which is what I do at my current job.

    I can't wait!
  7. by   catch33er
    Hi - I'm in an accelerated BA-in-another-field to RN to MSN and all in two years program, and I love it. I relocated to a new state to do it, so all of my friends are in the same program, which eliminates some of the outside-life questions. What's getting me through is group study sessions and remembering that in only two years I'll be an NP!
    You do have to live, eat and breathe nursing, but I think that's a wonderful thing. We just started clinicals and I'm amazed at what I've gotten out of the program already.
    Good luck to you. Accelerated is a great way to go if you're in a hurry and want to get working!
  8. by   slinkeecat
    I started in may for my accelerated LPN to BSN program and this is the first time in about two months since I have had a day off.
    I work , take care of my hubby and daughter and study and go to school. I am tired all the time and I hate my sudden lack of interest of things that I used to hold to a higher standard.. like my personal appearance.... I used to wear makeup and fix my it's mascara, chapstick, and ponytail city....I have become less interested in my kitchen , I have take out numbers on speed dial, and sex? what is that???? other than that I am managing just fine LOL
  9. by   mark_LD_RN
    i graduated from an accelerated BSN program I loved it . it was extremely hard and fast passed had no life but it was over with quick!
  10. by   nursing 101
    Thanks you guys!
    Sorry I couldn't answer earlier but I had midterm's. I'm really thinking about... Hubby says go for it. But I'm so afraid to get stressed out and not be able to handle it. I'm going to apply for it... And hope they consider my application. My only (-) is that I don't have a Bachelors degree already...but they still consider you even if you don't.
    Thanks guys!