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Forgive me, but I've noticed on these boards when a student is afraid of a overly harsh clinical instructor, there seems to be a running theme: angry clinical instructors that embarrass students,... Read More

  1. by   Ariyal82
    Muscle memory...exactly what I'm lacking. You know you're not the only one, but it still helps hearing it. Geez, a bad day at clinicals can really suck thank you!
  2. by   Purple_roses
    That's awful that your instructor did that to you. I'm sorry you went through that.
  3. by   janny13
    I've heard other students are getting ready to hire an attorney, sue and contact the media....even hitlers....reign came to an end.c it's too bad nursibg instructor can't control themselves and be professional.....but thats,why laws are made and then used.
  4. by   grakiasaurus
    Hello I am the mother of four children following a dream I have had of becoming a nurse for a long time, I have been raising my kids and working on and off as a teacher's aide. I am 51 and I have applied to LPN school which starts in January. I met with the nursing director of the school she was sweet and friendly and knew I was eager to learn so she recommended I get CNA training in the mean time. Here is where my experience collides I get into a CNA class with an RN instructor who just hated me for being shy, I needed to warm up for the skills performances and she just kept harping about how I am doing badly on them when I knew that I was rapidly getting better. She kept saying your having trouble and I kept humble and appealed to her and emphasized my respect for her and desire to learn. She talked a lot about herself and took a lot of smoke breaks she also admitted she had anger issues during lectures. Anyway, she would have us lined up outside to wait our turn to show skills, when into about two and a half wks into the course I was taking my turn to demonstrate a skill I walked in enthusiastically and ready to perform, one little mistake I walked in w/ the skills sheet rolled up in my hand I immediately corrected myself and re entered to start .... Well she was livid and( I pointed out to her that she was angry and her decision was based on her emotions) she found this reason to ask me to leave, of course the D.O.N backed her up they even tried to say that I would cause an accident to a person because of the paper in my hand or I was trying to cheat. So because I knew I was leaving, I graciously told them a human being in my charge would certainly fare better than paper, thanked them and left. I am disheartened because I tend to be an altruist even though I know better and I am a hard worker obviously at my age I have to put forth even more effort I do plan on going to the school and I want you guys to know that it was hard for me to post this because I like to take responsibility for my actions. What do you think anybody have a similar experience?
  5. by   hiwt
    Nursing instructors should be supportive for new students. Instead some clinical instructors are there to make students feel unfit and unqualified. Apparently some people no matter how much they are educated it is just doesn't change their personality.
  6. by   Nurse2bJacks
    Hi, I am so glad I found this post. I am having a major issue with my clinical instructor. I am new to nursing and a month and a half into my program. I have a clinical instructor told me (in front of my whole class) to get my hearing checked and she doesn't know what I am going to do as a nursing student because I couldn't hear the sounds of the blood pressure. I had her scream at me because I was asking questions in lab able clinical when lab is for lab and clinical is for clinical. I dread clinical every week and physically get sick to my stomach when I go because i know it is going to be a hostile environment. There are so many more situations that I don't have time to write them. Listen, I am not looking for Polly Anna, I'm looking for a healthy nursing educator who understands what a nursing student is going through and has some empathy. I can't learn in this environment; it's debiliating. However, I will not let this unhappy woman break me either.
  7. by   Shoobs
    Recently just made an account on here. I'm on the same boat sadly and i'm actually a returning student into my program. Unfortunately I myself have a really crappy CI as well. From my own perspective she seems rather opinionated, holds things against students, comes off intimidating, and overall rude. I feel like she has passive-aggressive tendencies and can even come off polarizing. Some people "like" her but other people I know personally who had her "dislike" her. I usually try to do my own thing and stay out of her way, and I do everything within my scope and do what it is I need to do. But she tends to blow things out of proportion. I feel like i've become the sacrificial cow in my clinical group and I plan to hold on and stay strong, but my anxiety with her as gotten REALLY bad and I dread clinicals now.

    She felt that I wasn't improving and when I try to defend myself with legitimate reasons, she just claims i'm making up excuses and thus she keeps asking me "why?" but then it's like what's even the point if you're just going to invalidate my remarks. On top of that she hates repeating herself and when you get confused and want clarification she gets really uptight and asks you "What did i just say?!" and overall comes over really intimidatingly rude. I felt pretty humiliated with her this past week. And to top it all off she tends to become very analytical and petty with me. I'll clarify what care i've provided for my patient and then doubt it and ask other staff members for proof when in truth they only stopped by from time to time to catch up on and not see the whole care i provided. Mind you i provided care for my patients as i was taught by the school, nothing more or less. Then she kept giving me petty tasks as if test my patience with her.

    Overall i really do think she's an unprofessional instructor. I don't mean to come off as someone victimizing myself as well. I understand that in the nursing profession that we'll deal w/ other nurses we won't like and we'll deal with patients who aren't exactly sweet. But when it comes to nurse-nurse relationships i figure that we're on equal terms, you don't have to like me but just let's just do our jobs and be cordial and follow through w/ policy. And when it comes to patients, i already expect a wide spectrum of personalities to deal with so i'll handle them on my own accord while providing the best patient-centered care.

    BUT what i cannot stand is this abusive/rude instructor-student relationships. I feel that out of all that i previously mentioned that this relationship is the most unfair CONSIDERING how CIs have absolute power and word over your performance and grades and if they don't like you they could give you a failing grade. I'm literally worried because my own CI felt that i wasn't improving when i've only made minor errors in minor situations. And this is only my first semester. I'll hang in there ofcourse and continue being diligent in my practice and studies.
  8. by   steven885
    I know exactly how you feel. Everything I do in clinical is wrong... even removing a statlock with alcohol just as it says "remove with alcohol" on the statlock adhesive itself. This was on an elderly patients who's skin I surely did not want to tear. My instructor speaks of being professional and prompt, yet she herself rolls her eyes at students, speaks down to us and in front of patients, and is late every morning to the "safety huddle." Wants you to craft your care plan to her wishes' you adapt for the following week' then changes her mind... Wishy washy and inconsistent this instructor will always be.
  9. by   Kareena23
    Im a 4th yr nursing student who lost her self-esteem again because of what happen to my clinical instructor who kept on embarrassing me infront of the staff nurses and supervisors and patients as well yesterday during our duty I can't help myself to cry infront of the patients while my clinical instructor shouting at me. Telling me I should stop schooling or shift to other course. I always think that my doings as a student nurse were wrong. I want to give up