A riddle

  1. A riddle that'll kill your brain! There are three words in the English language that end in "gry". One is angry & the other is hungry. Everyone knows what the third one means & what it stands for. Everyone uses them everyday, & if you've listened very carefully, I've given you the third word. What is it? ____gry.

    Anyone know what it is? It's driving me nuts trying to find out the answer (& I know I'll be kicking myself when I find out what it is! LOL)
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  3. by   nursedawn67
    Ok it is killing me!!!! Some give...
  4. by   kittyw
    This is what I found .... (http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=*gry)

    Gry \Gry\, n. [Gr ? syllable, bit.] 1. A measure equal to one tenth of a line. [Obs.] --Locke.

    2. Anything very small, or of little value. [R.]

    Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.


    <puzzle> "Angry" and "hungry" are two words that end in "gry".
    There are three words in the English language. What is the
    third word? Everyone knows what it means and everyone uses it
    every day. Look closely and I have already given you the
    third word. What is it?

    Answer: "language".

    This puzzle has circulated widely on the Internet for some
    years, but usually in an abbreviated form such as "Name three
    common English words ending in 'gry'", which has no good third
  5. by   Genista
    kittyw explained it. But, it's all in how you read the question!