A missed opportunity

  1. I am in my last round of prereqs, finishing in December, but I will have to take the TEAS prior to January. I'm feeling a little rushed to prepare my applications, essays, finish prereqs, take TEAS...overwhelmed a bit.

    I was planning to start an ABSN program in Summer 2014, either May or Aug depending on the school.

    I've been offered to go on a trip to India, trekking in the Nepal Himalayas, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam from February to mid-May. An amazing opportunity, right? I've been to Nepal and India before, but would absolutely LOVE to go back and do different areas. What an experience and awesome thing to put on my resume and essay.

    My problem is that if I go on this trip, I will be gone during the time interviews are requested and acceptance letters go out. Also, would not have enough time to complete background checks. Not to mention, when I returned from the trip, I would be in an extreme rush to move from where I live (Japan) to wherever the school is. Not exactly a easy flight with 2 dogs.

    Do I go on the trip or not? I'm about to turn 28 years old, married to a Navy guy, no children. An alternative option would be to put school off for a few months and just go in Jan 2015 or as a last resort summer 2015, instead of this summer 2014. Even though I would be postponing school, it's not that much longer (less than a year) and it would give me plenty of time to prepare everything.

    My thoughts are nursing school will always be there. It will be hard to get to do a trip like this if I have a full-time job, or especially children. At the same time ...I don't want to go to nursing school as a mother either. That's another subject. I know people do it all the time, and I'm not "planning" on kids until after I graduate, but you never know what can happen between now and then.

    What would you do? I can't decide.
  2. Poll: Do I go on the Asia trip or go to nursing school?

    • Asia trip

      71.43% 20
    • nursing school

      28.57% 8
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  4. by   coolinbysound
    Definitely go on the Asia trip. You can start nursing school anytime.

    You don't want to spend life regretting not going if nursing school or the nursing field when you start working is not to your taste 100%.

    Enjoy life when you're still young!!
  5. by   smoup
    I too vote the Asia trip. It is an amazing opportunity and one that you many be able to use in your letter of intent for school depending on what you experience. Nothing wrong with waiting a semester or so after finishing pre-reqs before starting. I waited a semester. I wanted time to DO THINGS before not having a life for a couple years.
  6. by   i♥words
    Ditch nursing school (for a little while) and take the trip. I can tell you're leaning that way anyway, so I say go for it.
  7. by   Orizza
    This wouldn't even be a question for me. Asia trip!
  8. by   RHill9919
    that obvious huh?
  9. by   nurseprnRN
    And be dead certain sure to have reliable contraception EVERY time.

    Have a great trip!
  10. by   RHill9919
    bumping this up for more opinions