A & P II

  1. Anyone here think that A&P II is a little easier than A&P I? I've been in classes for about 3 weeks now and for whatever reason the material is sinking in a lot easier.

    I also got to have the same teacher so maybe I'm just used to his style of teaching, but it does seem easier.

    If anyone needs an online study buddy for II IM me!

    Good luck in your classes everyone
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  3. by   purplemania
    You have hit upon a very important educational point: first you learn then you review. There are only so many nerves, muscles and bones. You learned them last year. This year you learn how they work together, but you do not have to re-learn last year's stuff. The more you study the easier it gets. It is called "getting an education". Good for you.
  4. by   bigmona
    I'm in A&P II right now as well. For some reason, so far, it seems A&P I was easier for me - but I think I also had more study time last semester than I've had so far this semester. This semester has been bumpy so far in terms of my personal life so there's been a lot more to deal w/ overall.

    It seems like it'll be easier to learn things in a&p 2 like blood vessels than muscles and bones- even though there are a zillion vessels we need to memorize, I can just think about where it is positioned or where it goes to in terms of bone structure, rather than having to learn everything from scratch. Things do make more sense in a&p 2.

    good luck to you as well
  5. by   Jennerizer
    Definitely pay attention---you'll see it all again in Med/Surg!!!!!
  6. by   studentdeb
    I thought A&P II was also a little easier, but I think for me, I think it was because I was more interested because of the different systems and how they work.
  7. by   Achoo!
    That's so nice ot hear. I am doing really well in A&PI and was worried about II.
  8. by   TexMedic
    I don't know about you guys, but my favorite field of study so far is Microbiology. I loved working the unknowns!