A & P ll OMG!!!

  1. Well tonight was our second lab in A&P ll. We went over the rest of blood and the heart.......OMG!!!! So much information. I made it thru A&P l with a B. I am a little overwhelmed with all the heart stuff. I am now not so sure I will do as well in A&P ll. For those of you whom have completed this, does it get easier? I hope that this is the hardest part of the semester like muscles were for me last sem. I am having sooooo much trouble identifying the parts of the heart on the real heart.....it looks like a big chunk of fatty roast beef. UGHHHHH Any way I would love some advice on remembering the heart stuff.......any ideas will help!!!!!!
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  3. by   New CCU RN
    practice, practice, practice.....

    i assume you are working on cats or someother dissected animal...be sure to look at other people's animals...bc everyone looks slightly different!!!

    it will get better....the heart is a little intimidating.... but we can't live without it

    good luck to ya
  4. by   NurseShell
    I could never remember which side of the heart had the tricuspid and which the biscuspid so my lab partner and I came up with this: You TRI to be RIGHT but you get LEFT BI the side of the road.

    hope that helps...the rest is memorization! I had pictures that I went over and over and over and over and I still mixed some of the vessels up!
  5. by   colleen10
    Hi Hidi,

    I have started A&PII this semester too and I can't believe you guys are starting with the Circulatory and Cardio Systems. We are starting with the Reproductive which is a nice way to ease into the semester but we will be starting Circulation in a few weeks. I wish I had more advice to give you but I guess try not to get too frustrated and just try to take everything one thing at a time.

    When everything seems over whelming I just take things one step at a time and concentrate on the location of the organ or area of the particular organ and what it's function is. That way it makes more sense to say for example, "that this gland produces this and that's why it's located here." A lot of A&P teachers try to teach the Anatomy and Physiology seperately, but for me if I learn them hand in hand it just makes more sense.

    As for identifying the parts on the real heart I have no idea what to tell you. I definately will not make a good OR nurse cause everything just looks the same to me when they open someone up.
  6. by   Angella Walker
    It definitely gets easier as you go along. I struggled with A&P I. Got a C out of it. I was apprehensive taking II but it made alot more "sense". A&P I was sheer memorization, II was body systems and more physiology. I loved it!!!!. Once you get past the heart and lungs--which will make more sense in time, the rest is pretty understandable.

  7. by   essarge
    When I had A&P II I went to Hole's essentials for anatomy and physiology website. Great interactive website with quizzes etc. Look it up on your browser, it should help you quite a bit!