A & P blues! Will I ever pass?

  1. Man, I just found out I failed a 10 pt quiz! That wouldn't be so bad except I also failed a Phys exam a couple weeks ago and a low C on Anat Practicum! I took another Lab Pract. today, and feel pretty good, but I'm beginning to worry if I'll make it in this class, let alone nursing! I was hoping to apply in Feb. but I don't know. Did any of you do this badly and still make it to the program? I'm feeling a bit blue, all encouragement welcomed, heck, invited. Heather
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  3. by   studentdeb
    Heather, totally feel your pain. My first A&P exam was a 66% and I get my 2nd one back this evening. I don't hold out much hope for that one. It is really hard. I am doing good in the lab, but the lab is only 1/4 of the grade.

    Can't answer your question about making it through the program though, I am in my first semester. Not feeling too confident though. This science is alot of work.

    Good luck to you and I hope it gets better for you.
  4. by   PennyLane
    Heather-- I'm also taking A&P right now, and so far have had only one Lab practical and one hand-in project. I have a big exam next Monday. The lab exam was soooo stressful-my teacher is very disorganized and not a good teacher AT ALL. The only thing I can say is keep your sights set on your goal...keep going and don't have a defeatist attitude. Even if you're totally failing the class, wait until the last day to Withdraw with a 'W' or Audit. Several people in my A&P class are repeating the course. It's a lot of information to take in!!

    Just think we're all doing this with you, or if not, everyone did at some point!! It will get better!
  5. by   ashemson
    Well, if it makes you feel any better, my school just this year combined the A&P1 and A&P2 into one semester. Sooo, I am doing two semester's worth of A&P in one semester. Somehow by the skin of my teeth I got a B on the first test, which was over the first TEN chapters of the book!! We have a lab quiz EVERY Thursday, plus out first lab practical is over EVERY bone and muscle. He will have a piece of paper with 100 blanks on it, bones, muscles and a brain laid out on tables, and we have to go around the room, and name and correctly spell each one he points to. Talk about making me sick to my stomach!! I graduated HS 14 years ago, so if I can handle this, I know you can!! Good luck to you all!
  6. by   dstudent
    Well in New Zealand we've combined the two papers and have to complete it in one semester. A few people have had to resit the whole paper and then failed again so therefore have left the programme all together as you are only allowed to resit a paper once.
    I passed JUST, and now on to my third lot of science papers - pathophysiology and that's taking a big toll on the old brain.
    Don't give up I'm sure you'll do just fine, well at least hopefully things improve for you.
    I'm actually having to repeat a paper right now theory and research God I hated that paper and still do! But I'm there for my second round and hopefully this time and can pull through with a pass.
    Good luck
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i will keep each of you in prayer. hang in there! ((((((hugs))))))
  8. by   Forevermomof5

    I just thought that I'd share a little comment. In our school you have to have 2 semesters of A & P before you even apply to the nursing program. I didn't realize until now how important it was because how much we use all that we learned on a daily basis.

    You really need to know your stuff from anatomy because when you are doing a physical assessment of somebody, you HAVE to know what you are assessing. I know that anatomy and physiology is really TONS of work, but it's there for a reason.

    Keep trying and studying. You can do it if you put your mind to it. Just keep believing that and you'll do so much better than if you sit around and worry about it.

  9. by   shelby88669
    Just hang in there--you'll do fine--i'm having the same problem in micro right now--i graduated hs 13 yrs ago and i made it through a&p I &II--and you will too--good luck!! :roll
  10. by   Dublin37
    Well I'm not actually sitting around worrying about it. I'm studying my brains out! Maybe that's my prob....my brains have oooozed out, hee hee. I'm doing flash cards, making copies and taking them everywhere with me, going over and over and over....Although, jeeps those papers sound sooo stressful Doreen. I've begged my teacher to let me do a paper, but nothing like that one! Good luck Doreen, and all of us!
    Thanks everyone for your encouragment, I needed that! Heather
  11. by   nursing 101
    My school does anatomy (one class) and Physio (one class). Needless to say if you are taking both of them together it's very hard. I find myself with no life actually because of this. Yesterday I had to buy a 30 dollars costume for my son because I didn't want to take time away from studying to start shopping around for a cheaper one. In all my years of college I have never worked this hard in school... Guys keep it up...
  12. by   shelby88669
    hey dublin37--thats good that your not sitting around worrying about it --sometimes that can be a bad thing to worry too much--its alot of work and alot of studying - there is need for some worrying though lol or there has been on my part--take it one day at a time you'll be fine