A & P Muscle Lab Test:) help!!

  1. I am just in my first A & P class and we have our muscle test this week!! Any advise~I am doing good on the individual (thigh, leg head etc.) but the whole body drawing is kinda confusing me!!! Any advice? The teacher will have a drawing and an arrow pointing to what muscle she wants identified then say switch until we have identified the 55 that she wants!!! If you have any advice please let me know!!

    Thankyou and please pray for me!!! :uhoh21:
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  3. by   brat18623
    Well, this is the site I used in addition to my coloring books, and flashcards,

    You can fill it all in then have it scored to see what was off.

    Hope it helps some

    Edit to add: Good Luck and remain calm, if you freak it is only harder to regather your thoughts.
  4. by   IvoryLena
    I always drew pictures of the muscles then went through em' like note cards. Lable one side with the drawing and then numbers pointing to the different muscles. On the other side of the card write the name of the muscle that goes with the numbers.
  5. by   Ceejaa
    Thank you, that really did help!! The only one that I had trouble with was anterior but only 2 out of 10!! Thanks again for the fast reply!!
  6. by   brat18623
    Hey no problem anytime! Glad it was a help, good luck to you!
  7. by   ChristineN
    My school had various models of leg muscles, arm muscles, facial, throacic, eye, etc. muscles that students could study. I found studying the models to help it all make sense.
  8. by   smk1
    do you have a Netters atlas of anatomy? We were required to have that and then I bought the optional cards which help tremendously. get a hold of a drawing that will be similar to your test drawing and copy it multiple times so you can practice, practice practice! If it is a drawing it probably won't be as hard as you are imagining. Good luck!
  9. by   AussieTina
    I put pictures up all over the house of the body/muscles, on the wall, over the sink, on the fridge, on the door of the toilet....I found this really helped, even my kids learnt some of the names.

    A friend had a good idea, she put piccys on the fridge and had to name 3 muscles before she was allowed to open the door, needless to say she lost weight