A&P and Micro

  1. Has anyone ever taken A&P and Micro in the same semester? If so how difficult was it?
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  3. by   Lisa CCU RN
    I took Chemistry and Micro in the same semester. It was a challenge; I studied ALL the time. I had those two lectures plus the two labs and they had midterms and finals just like a lecture class. I also took History, English 2030 (Literature) and womens studies that semester. I got b's in the sciences and c's in English and History and a B in WS. I would have done better if I hadn't taken such a load, but overall if you are just taking thee two science classes, I'd say you'd be ok.
  4. by   charlies
    I took A&P I and Micro in the same semester. I took nothing else. It was doable like that, for me. Micro is easy. A&P I is not too hard (compared to A&P II). In fact, I loved that semester.
  5. by   EMTandNurse2B
    I took A&P II, Chemistry, Government, and Philosophy in the same semester and still wasn't as busy as I am now in nursing classes! I took Micro and Speech together in a 7 week summer semester and did just fine. I think it is totally doable. Some of the concepts will be the same for both classes, so that will help.
  6. by   anonymouse
    Im doing that now. My micro teacher is awesome. Im taking A&P II lecture as an independent study class. Basically all that is is studying 300 questions on a study guide and taking a test on 100 of those questions every 6 weeks (midterm and final). My A&P II lab isnt too bad. It has a lot to do with your teacher and their style of teaching I think. And your ability to focus on what you have to do.
  7. by   sonja77
    i took a&p i, micro and nutrition last year in the fall semester. i did fine, got a's in all classes. i studied quite a bit but it wasn't near as stressful as nursing school.
  8. by   GenesisEve
    I took A&P I and Microbiology the same semester. At the time I used to say, "WHY did I take 2 major sciences the same semester?" Yes, it was a difficult, but in hindsight I'm glad I got 2 major sciences completed at one time. I received an A in A&P and a B in micro.
  9. by   dreatx
    And i work fulltime as well. It is rather tough since i have to study very single day and working throws that off a bit. I am doing well but it sucks. I would say that if you are not in a hurry, don't do it.
  10. by   IvoryLena
    I took Adult 1 nursing and micro at the same time. It wasnt as hard as thought it would have been. I didn't have much time to study for micro but I seemed to manage. when I took A&P 2 it was a breeze. I thought it was way better than A&P 1. But I guess it all depends on who your teacher is and how much they expect out of you.