2017 Student Survey: What Students Really Want From Nursing School?

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    Choosing a nursing school that matches your criteria is a difficult but important decision. The 2017 Student Survey has information that hopefully will help you. This is Part 4 of the results - What Do Students Really Want? - The Choice is Yours.

    2017 Student Survey: What Students Really Want From Nursing School?

    You have decided you want to become a nurse, and now you have decisions to make. Deciding which nursing school is a very important decision and one that should be made with careful consideration of many factors. The 2017 allnurses Student Survey provided a lot of great information. We have our almost 1,500 respondents to thank for providing data by answering questions in the 10-minute online survey.

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    Now we are ready for Part 4 which focuses on What Students Really Want. There are many well-known college guides that rate schools based on factors they feel are important.

    The survey asked respondents to rate which factors were important to them in influencing their decision in choosing a school. Students could rate 39 factors. They were then asked to select 5 that were the "most important" from the list.

    There are many lists by companies in the business of ranking colleges. These have some value as a resource to use in your selection process, but you will have to decide what's most important for you. National college rankings did not even make the list in some age and education levels brackets of those selected as most important while Academic Reputation ranked 6th overall as one of the most important factors to consider.

    Some of the results you see may surprise you. Once again, using the interactive charts, you will see that priorities differ based on age, level of education and degree program pursuing. Priorities are not a one-size-fits-all and neither is the selection of what school to attend.

    Add the results of this survey to your list of resources to use when making this important decision. Post your input below if you have other insights that helped you select a school. We hope this has been helpful. We wish you well in your career as a nurse.

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