Student Survey: Demographics

The 2017 Student Survey to see what factors students consider important when selecting a nursing school was conducted over a 5 week period of time in late August through early-October 2017. We have now analyzed the data provided by more than almost 1,500 respondents and are pleased to be able to share the results. This is Part 2 of the results.

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Student Survey: Demographics

Over a five-week period of time in the fall of 2017, allnurses members and readers who are future, current, or past students were invited via the allnurses website, newsletters, emails and facebook to participate in a 10-minute online survey about important factors to consider when selecting a nursing school. Participants answered 29 questions about their age, their school, current educational standing, scholarship availability, school facilities, faculty, tuition, factors they consider most important when selecting a school, etc.

In the first survey results article, we shared some of the responses to the question "Why did you choose nursing? As we all have come into the "wonderful world of nursing" for our various reasons, decisions, or life events it is clear that the survey has captured the uniqueness that each of us brings to the care of our patients and the advancement of our profession. Our passions, skills, and differences will ultimately keep nursing innovative and cutting edge while maintaining the very core of our career of care and compassion for others.

This second article will focus on the uniqueness of each participant. We will look at various demographic profiles and trends. The interactive images below will allow you to customize your search and discover how various variables such as age, educational level, degree program enrolled in, geographic location and full- or part-time status may affect one's order of priorities when selecting a nursing school.

As you can see, the largest number of respondents (25.97%) fall into the 21 - 29 age bracket. You can change the "What is your Age" Filter at the top of the page to see the stats for that particular age group. Of that age bracket, 34.6% are undergrad students and 8.6% are nursing grad students while 43.28% are not currently enrolled in a nursing program but 51.81% are considering nursing school.

In comparison participants in the 40 - 49 age bracket have slightly different stats. 23.68% are undergraduate nursing students and 13.85% are grad students. 50.87% are not currently enrolled in a nursing program.

Please share your comments and insights about trends you see.

As more results are released, you can see how these demographics can affect how one prioritizes factors when selecting a school.The next article will go focus on school profiles; location, tuition costs, scholarship opportunities, student experiences...

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Great survey results and interesting that so few are currently pursuing a masters degree when many areas are saturated while other areas desperately need APRNs

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traumaRUs said:
Great survey results and interesting that so few are currently pursuing a masters degree when many areas are saturated while other areas desperately need APRNs

I find that interesting too. Do you think it's because membership is skewed heavily toward undergraduate and pre-nursing students? Because (anecdotally) it seems like half the staff at my previous employment was enrolled in an NP program.