2 Weeks to Go...

  1. On Sept 2nd I start my nursing classes and I feel so ready... yet nowhere ready...know what I mean?
    I've got most of my prelim's done... health forms, immunizations, prereq's, registered for all my classes, bought most of my books, ordered my uniforms, food in the freezer... but I feel like I have so much left to organize and very little time to do it!

    I want to have a yard sale next week to eliminate extra junk around the house, and hopefully this week I will have the time to organize it. I think that without so much stuff, it will be easier to maintain my house. Anyone else planning a major job this week to get ready for school?
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  3. by   justjenn
    Right there with you. But, my "nursing" classes start on 8/25, my A&P II start next Tuesday. I have been trying to have a yard sale for 2 months. My last day of work was Wed. So, Thursday, I ran errands that I could never do during 9-5, purchased cleaning supplies. Friday & today I spent organizing expenses & my house, doing loads of cleaning to try & simpify my life for my husband & I. Got a really bad headache & have just been hanging out this evening. Tomorrow, more cleaning, some studying for my first test and quality time w/ hubby.


    good luck to you

    PS I would love to work in Hawaii.
  4. by   shellntx
    Oh, yes! I'm working on the yard sale, food in the freezer and all of that too. I'm so worried that my children will hate me when this is over, but they are my main motivation. I want to set an example for them. My orientation (where we will order uniforms and find out about books and supplies) isn't until Aug. 29th, and school starts Sept. 2nd. That leaves no time to get prepared!
  5. by   Mariannsi
    I've been off all summer from work and swore I was going to study, have a yard sale, refinish some wood pieces I recently purchased. Well, I did none of the above. But enjoyed my kids and hubby. This morning I sat everyone down and layed down the law. I told them that the party was over. No longer am I car service, maid, and that our funds are low so therefore I'm now the chief financial officer.

    Hubby is a computer geek spends hours on the computer -- I introduced to him to the mop and vaccuum cleaner. My 15 y/o son was introduced to the washing machine. I have a three y/o who is neater then both of the them.

    They told me that they were happy for me and would do anything to help. I hope they mean it!!!!
  6. by   marilynmom
    I have been really busy as well with only 1 week left before school starts.

    We are buying our first home next month and I am in the process if getting all the JUNK and STUFF out of our apartment (what a job this has become....lol). Anyways, I too had "planned" a garage sale over at my parents house but that just became to much work. I have a lot of baby stuff (since I have little kids) and just gave it away or sold it to baby re-sale shops, I got a bunch of my kids toys and put them in a huge box in my apartments laundry room marked "free toys" so other kids can have at them.

    Clothes and other household stuff I just bagged up and threw on the front porch and called Salvation Army who will come and pick it up themselves (one less thing for me to do). The rest of my stuff I am just throwing out, a few boxes I took to my moms to give to them though.

    But ya I do agree with less "stuff" it is a **lot** easier to maintain a house, especially with kids (of any ages). And I cant belive how more peaceful and calm I feel just seeing more empty space and uncluttered space emerging!

  7. by   TeresaRN2b
    Well, I was ready, and now I am not. I start 8/25 and I had everything in order and ready to go and then my hubby got switched to mandatory overtime on night shift and now my house is completely falling apart. He was not supposed to be working all these hours right now! Ugh! So needless to say I am scrambling to get things in order this week. I can't believe I am really doing this! WOOOHOO! Ok, I am ready no matter whether my house, hubby, or kids are ready, lol.

  8. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    I'm ready. Started with my list of things right after summer classes were complete. I am continually preparing for a yard sale, too. But, I don't want to do mine until next spring. In the meantime everything is boxed up and put away.

    My husband is going to conference next week. I've decided to go with him so, class will start for me the day after we get back. I figured why not, I'm getting bored around here. LOL