? for second year ADN students.

  1. I've been hearing that the first year is the worst and that there is finally relief when you hit the 3rd semester. Do you find you're having an "easier" time as a second year student?

    I'm so stressed, I'm trying to look at the positives. lol
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  3. by   KellieNurse06
    well, my class is just going into our final semester which "technically " is really our 3rd semester.....we flip flopped our 3rd & 4th semesters because there were no instructors to teach last semester for our 3rd.....so the order got reversed.
    From the sounds of it in my program, it sounds very difficult........the one we are doing is advanced med/surg & psych.............our rotation for it is basically cardiac ICU......all heavy duty cardiac stuff....... However the instructor I had for second semester which was beginning med/surg told us we'd be doing basically the exact same stuff & if we did good with that semester then we should be fine for this one.......just being taught in more depth in lectures about the different systems & problems that occur.
    Don't know if this helped any...probably not if you take different courses than me....
  4. by   moongirl
    you get a little more comfortable in your student nurse skin, so yes. things that freaked you out before are not so terrible now.. you care a little less about what the other students are sniping/whining about. I care less about my gpa now than I did then, I am simply looking forward to a passing grade for graduating, the B is super, the A.. we will see, but I am not killing
    myself for it like I did first year. Another perk, when you go in for clinicals and your primary says " first year or second" and you can smile REAL BIG and say "SECOND". I dont shake anymore when I give an injection and my IV starts are like buttah, baby

    On the other side, there are new skills to learn, IVP, hanging blood, central lines and usually are expected to take a pt load of 5 by the time you graduate. The testing/content doesnt get easier, but it seems that it is not a stressful, because now I have a feel for the testing style. Instructors are roud of you, you have proven that you have what it takes to get as far as you have.

    and its still no easier to get up at 4:30 am to make your 6 am clinical.
  5. by   AuntieRN
    My first year was a piece of cake compared to my second year. In my second year I had critical care and psych one semester then the last one which was this past summer I had Peds, OB and Trends. Talk about stress....But it is finally over. Good luck to you. I am sure every program is different.
  6. by   BeccaznRN
    I agree that every program is different. I am in my last semester and while it is not exactly "hard," we have so much work that I feel like I'm swimming in papers, group projects, exit exams, applying for licensure.....I could go on and on.
  7. by   StudentNurseAbby
    It's only my second day. I shouldn't get ahead of myself, I know it's ridiculous. I'm just overwhelmed and intimidated by everything, you know? I'll be fine. I hope...lol