**Daily Chit Chat, Friday, Sept. 16/05**

  1. Howdee, guys! Not sure if this thread is working too well or if I should keep starting it every day.. but .. sometimes you just have to amuse your own self! LOL

    So .. what is up for today? I actually went to bed early last night .. even though I woke up before 6, it was a pretty good sleep for a change.

    Today I have A&P and maybe I'm going to go back to the end of the lab to play with the model (LOL kinky j/k). Hope everyone has a good day and weekend!!

    For whoever wached Survivor last night, great nursing theme! I was sondering how all the sick people got on the team with the nurse anyway. I was trying to think of a question of the day but everything sounds lame to me today so if anyone else has a good one, please post it!
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  3. by   NeoNurseTX
    I taped Survivor. I'm hooked on it, but I had to get up early this morning.. no shocker there!

    Today was my Acute med/surg clinical orientation. I don't know how I'm going to do all the work for just the clinical, much less the class. Oh yeah, and my two other classes and clinicals, too! There is not enough time in the day. We have to do two care plans per patient per week for Acute, too. Gahh. I'm sooo stressed.
  4. by   AmyLiz
    I've got my first nursing exam on Monday for my Human Response class...then I've got a nursing math test on Wednesday and an exam in Assessment class on Thursday! I've got a project due on the 27th and Oct. 4th.

    Busy, busy, busy!!!
  5. by   Nikkik163
    I had my first theory exam last week and got a 47/50!! so that was nice....BUTTTTTTT now next week I have my dosage calc quiz (need 100%) and my first practical skills exam :uhoh21: So I am FREAKING OUT!!!! I should go start studying some of that now....wish me luck!!
  6. by   kayel
    Awesome marks, Nikki!! Good luck on your upcoming tests!! You'll do great!

    Ugh, AmyLiz .. you sound like you have a lot coming up next week! Hope you can get some good quality studying in this weekend!!

    Redefinition, good luck with the care plans and take deeeep breaths! Let me know what you think of Survivor when you finally get a chance to watch it!

    I went to A&P today and then went back for a second version of the same lab this aft. It was really good as I had a partner to talk it all through with and that helped a lot!