1. This is for anyone who has taken zithromax, or given it to enough people to know the answer. If you take a z-pack, and the first day's dose (500 mg) makes you puke buckets, do the next doses, which are all 250 mg, still make you puke?

    I'm thinking this is a weight and possible kidney function problem, so that the lesser doses might go over much better. And by the way, it's no fun getting sick on a weekend knowing that the way to get a physician to answer these questions is to go to the ER. Yuck. Although I may call my hospital pharmacist and bug the crap out of him ... oh wait. They don't work sundays either.
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  3. by   CT Pixie
    I have taken Zithromax quite a few times...more than I care to remember. ALL a/b's make me throw up or close to it. It doesn't matter what the dose or what I eat or don't eat before or after. Sadly for me, its a bad side effect. But the end result (getting better) far outweights the side effect.

    By the way, I am 4ft 11in and 90lbs soaking wet. However, my hubby who more than 2x's my weight and 9 inches taller has the same side effects of naseau and vomiting as I do. So I don't think its a weight issue with me. Just a weak stomach. My younger daughter can take any does a/b and be fine, my older one is like my hubby and I with the N/V/D.

    Hospital pharmacists might not work Sundays but chain drug store pharmacists do..could give them a call.
  4. by   Indy
    Well day two seems to have GI issues, but this time it's diarrhea. I can handle that; especially since the puking came with a dose of stress incontinence, a migraine and nightmares about the Phenergan Fairy shoving a rather large suppository up my rear.

    Today the migraine is gone, and the sinus infection seems to be much, much better. A little poop is fine!

    Pharmacy puts notes on our charts about the weight recommended dosage for zithromax and it seems to be they do so if the patient is under oh, 100 lbs. I'm 126 and was dehydrated in the AM when I took the med, even though I had food and juice with it. My daughter had a z-pack a year or so ago and I believe hers was a 3-day pack, each day being 500 mg. She did fine. After last night I will never, ever take a 3 day pack. The only reason I asked for any antibiotic to begin with was that I thought I'd be able to work yesterday. Ha! Good one!
  5. by   ktwlpn
    Quote from Indy
    Well day two seems to have GI issues, but this time it's diarrhea. !
    Are you taking some probiotics? You really should-anytime I'm on an antibiotic I do the yogurt with live active cultures and lactobacillus caps.It makes a big difference in the N/V/D symptoms.. Also-normal saline nasal spray 2 or 3 times daily helps keep your sinuses healthy-it may cut down on the number of sinus infections you get.Hope you feel better soon.
  6. by   ebear
    Indy, have you ever tried a "Neti Pot"? I have many friends with sinus trouble that SWEAR by a neti pot! It rinses out the sinuses and is great for allergies, in particular (they say). Supposedly, it works much better than meds. Available at pharmacies, WalMart, etc. You can google it. It looks gross but they say it isn't.
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  7. by   Indy
    Yeah, I have a neti pot. I use it about once a month if I'm not sick and a couple times a week if I am. I have to get someone to make the NS for me because my recipe is always off and that means it burns like heck. I used it this week: on tuesday and friday. But prior to friday I had a little seasonal sniffle, nothing abnormal and everything seemed under control. Thursday night I admitted a guy with advanced pneumonia who coughed all over me for a few hours 'cause I had to use the computer terminal in his room. I'm convinced I got his bug, not a backup of my own stuff. Neti's nice but I thought the bug was pretty aggressive so I figured meds were needed this time.

    (Funny side story: a friend who's good at chemistry once worked out the maximum ... acidity?... that a nose could stand without falling off, and how much salt that equalled in the water, and made that mess as her recipe, to clear up a nasty infection. It worked, she still has her nose. I'm at a loss as to how she could do the math while sick.)

    And that reminds me, my sweet husband did buy me some yogurt yesterday. Y'all have good advice!
  8. by   ebear
    Well, Indy, I'm glad your friend's nose didn't fall off!!!
  9. by   woknblues
    a couple of points r/t zithromax, sinusitis, neti pots and probiotics.

    I have polyps that I have to wait at least another 18 months until I get coverage (3rd year BSN) to take care of. I have had chronic sinusitis for about 5 years now. I am doing the Zithromax shuffle about once every 3-4 months, meaning I have about 6 more rounds until I can hopefully get the surgery and hopefully be done with it. Usually, If I get after it quickly, 3 X 500 seems to do the trick. The pressure comes off by the end of the first day, i get to sleep, etc. By the end of the third day, I ALWAYS experience tinnitis, and a little nausea. usually gone after a week. the more persistent bouts have me going for 5 days on it.

    anyway, I make my own yogurt, and have made my own v. of a neti pot. so here is the solution for anyone here suffering like I have been .

    take a half gallon of whole milk and put into your heaviest pot. heat until just hot enough that you want to remove your finger, then stir in 6 OZ (more is ok) of fresh, unpasteurized yogurt. cover tightly with lid, then wrap in a heavy blanket and keep in a quiet area of the home. after 24-36 hours, unwrap and see what you got!!

    home made neti-pot
    use a rubber syringe
    take a cup of water and a tsp of salt and a pinch of baking soda. warm up, then go to it. try to keep head down. do not force anything, or you will have an ear infxn soon. if it burns, you either need more salt, or less.